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music unlimited

Sony to shut down Music Unlimited in favor of Spotify-powered PlayStation Music

Sony is shutting down Music Unlimited. But this doesn’t mean that the company is leaving the music streaming space.

Sony updates Music Unlimited app to version 2.0 with new design plus improvements

Sony has just updated Music Unlimited for iOS to version 2.0.

Britain's Official Singles Chart Will Take Streamed Music Into Account From July

Britain's Official Singles Chart is set to take Spotify-streamed tracks into account for the first time ever.

Sony Updates Music Unlimited App With Support For Curated Playlists And More

Music Unlimited has just been updated with a major feature that, while not exactly new to its underlying service, is new to the app itself.

Sony's Music Unlimited App For iOS Finally Gains Offline Playback Support

With Music Unlimited's offline playback support, you can now listen to your favorite songs from the service even without an Internet connection.

Sony's Music Unlimited Service Arriving For iOS Worldwide

Get ready folks. A new streaming music service is arriving in the App Store. Sony’s Music Unlimited app is already available in New Zealand ahead of a worldwide launch tomorrow, Tuesday, May 22.

Sony Bringing Streaming Music Unlimited Service To iOS

Sony’s Music Unlimited service is coming to iOS. The streaming music service arrives for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad in a few weeks, according to TechRadar.

Forget iCloud Beta; Sony's Music Unlimited Service Is Here Now

Score one for Android owners. Sony today released its Music Unlimited service for Android devices, which looks a lot like Apple's iCloud and upcoming iTunes Match product. Plus, it includes Pandora-like capabilities too.