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Music Widget

Jailbreak Only: Jukebox - Another Dashboard X Music Widget

A few days ago, we told you about Music Widget: a jailbreak tweak that can add a Dashboard X widget to users' Home screen, via which it's possible to interact with both the Music app and third-party applications (such as Spotify). Now, we've heard about another Music app-widget called Jukebox, which looks particularly impressive.

Jailbreak Only: Music Widget Launches In The Cydia Store

A couple of days ago, we told you about Music Widget: an upcoming jailbreak tweak that adds a Music app widget for users' already rocking Dashboard X. Now, users can download the tweak - "Music Widget (for Dashboard X)" - and enjoy viewing and adjusting playing music from the widget's attractive interface.

Jailbreak Only: Music Widget - An Interesting, Upcoming Dashboard X Tweak

Music Widget is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that allows users to interact with their Music app through an attractive Dashboard X widget, which can be positioned on the Home screen. Though the tweak isn't available yet, iDownloadBlog has posted a preview video - and from what we can tell, Music Widget looks to be a great addition to users' Dashboard X-powered Home screens.