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NASA Is Bringing The Universe To Instagram

The space agency is planning to post a number of photos and videos from its spectacular archives.

Explore The Universe With NASA App For iOS, Now With Universal Support

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has just issued a major update to the official NASA App for iOS.

Spaced Receives An Out Of This World Update For All iOS Devices

Spaced, the popular app for space enthusiasts, has received a significant update. Spaced 3.0 recently arrived in the App Store.

NASA's Curiosity Rover Checking-In From Red Planet, Wants To Become Mayor Of Mars

The Foursquare universe has grown significantly. NASA’s Curiosity Rover is now checking-in using the social network. The result so far has been fun comments from millions of miles away.

Find Out The Science Beyond The Space Shuttle With NASA Visualization Explorer

With the shuttle program ceasing, NASA looks to highlight its other and ongoing accomplishments that relate to analyzing Earth through the new NASA Visualization Explorer app for iPad.

Atlantis, The Final Space Shuttle, Launches Today - What Apps Do You Need?

The final space shuttle, Atlantis, launches in just minutes. Follow along on your iDevice and learn more about space with our selection of apps.

NASA's Final Shuttle Mission To Take Up A Pair Of "Space-Ready" iPhone 4s

Two specially designed iPhone 4s are taking off aboard Atlantis on the Space Shuttle program's final mission.

Blast Off Your Knowledge With AstroApp: Space Shuttle Crew

This app will help you brush up your Nasa Space Shuttle trivia knowledge with information about all the astronauts right at your fingertips.

Spaced App: Keep Up With The Stars

Spaced is a new iOS application, which is available to download now. This new app keeps users up to date with the space industry. Read on to find out more ...

NASA App HD Arrives For iPad

Space enthusiasts will enjoy this one. The NASA App HD has beamed itself down to the App Store. This is the first time that the U.S. space agency has released an app for Apple's iPad.

NASA TV Lifts Off On Your iDevice

NASA's iDevice application now includes live streaming from NASA TV.