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native apps

Passbook: First Look And Apps That Work With It

Passbook is now working with iOS6 and we are finally starting to see some of the apps that are compatible with the service. On today's show we'll check out Passbook in action for the first time, see how to set it up and of course check out what apps now have integration.

Robin Rhys

Review: Basic Spanish For Dummies

Basic Spanish for Dummies teaches you the basics of how to read, write, and pronounce the Spanish language. It uses built in flashcards, videos, and a dictionary to make the learning experience fun. But how does it stand up to all the other Spanish teaching apps out there? Read on to find out...

Jose Rios

Review: Cell Phone Tracker

Cell Phone Tracker is an app created to track down cell phones. Or is it? Is this the real deal or only a simulation of a tracking device that can be used to fool your friends. Read on to find out.

Jose Rios

Review: Bills ~ On Your Table

Do you have a problem with remembering when to pay your bills? Bills ~ On Your Table is a great solution. It comes equipped with push notifications, a built-in calendar and custom categories. Does it have what it takes to never let you forget to pay a bill again? Read on to find out.

Robb Lewis

Review: Pile Up!

The App Store is full of traffic control games. Pile Up! added itself to the mix late last year having you direct traffic through one of three intersections. Does it add anything new and exciting to the genre? Or is it merely more of the same?

Michael Jeans