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near field communications

Passbook Won't Require NFC, Will Work On Any iOS Device

The next iPhone might not include NFC, which would be huge news for all Apple customers.

Rumor: NFC iPhone Is Coming, Thanks To A Qualcomm Chip

A recent rumor claims that Apple is indeed developing a near field communication (NFC) capable iPhone handset. Reportedly, the upcoming NFC capable iPhone will feature a new Qualcomm chip, and mobile payments will be made through iTunes.

Apple's "E-Wallet" Icon Is Found Hiding In A Recent Patent

In a recent patent application, Apple has included a preview of its "E-Wallet" app icon. The mobile payment application is expected to launch with a future NFC capable version of the iPhone.

Deutsche Telekom: NFC Capable iPhone Coming In 2011

Deutsche Telekom recently noted that an NFC capable iPhone will arrive in 2011. The news was revealed at the company's Mobile World Congress press conference, yesterday.

Visa Testing NFC Capable iPhones In Europe

Visa is reportedly testing NFC capable iPhones in Europe. The handsets are equipped with a hardware accessory that contains an NFC chip, as well as iOS compatible payment software installed.

Apple Already Experimenting With Proximity-Aware iPhone Prototypes?

According to a recent report, Apple has already started testing proximity-aware iPhones following the company's employment of an expert in near field communications. Read on to find out more!

Apple Employs New Near Field Communications Expert

Apple has hired an expert in near field communications, following a series of NFC related patents having been published by the company. Read on to find out more!