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nest learning thermostat

A software glitch is giving some Nest thermostat users cold shoulders

The issue causes the device’s battery to complete drain, leaving homes without heating or air conditioning.

Meet Google's slimmer, sleeker third-gen Nest thermostat

The Google-owned Nest Learning Thermostat is now available in its third-generation iteration.

Use Thermos to adjust your Nest Learning Thermostat from an iOS 8 Notification Center widget

Turn the temperature up or down with this simple and easy to use new widget.

Get Black Friday deals on the Nest Learning Thermostat and Dropcam video monitor

Nest is offering special promos beginning on Thursday, Nov. 27.

Nest's iOS-Connected Learning Thermostat Launches In Britain

The Google-owned Nest thermostat has today launched in the British Isles.

Brian White Claims Apple's iWatch Could Tap Into Home Automation

Could Apple's iWatch one-up the competition by offering users home automation features?

Nest Learning Thermostat Mobile Companion App Gets Summer Update

Nest Mobile has received an update in anticipation of the high temperatures this coming summer.

The 'Father Of The iPod' Says That Scott Forstall's Firing Was 'Deserved And Justified'

Are you starting to get the feeling that Scott Forstall had a lot of enemies?

Revamped Nest Learning Thermostat Boasts Slimmer Design, Upgraded Software

The second-generation thermostat is 20 percent slimmer and compatible with 95 percent of heating and cooling systems.

Report: Nest Learning Thermostat Pulled From Apple Retail Stores

Why did Apple pull the Nest Learning Thermostat from their retail stores?

Amazon Now Selling Nest Thermostat

You now have a choice of where you to get your home's newest addition.