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There Is Both Good And Bad News For Paid Social Network

The paid social networking service doesn’t have enough cash flow to pay full-time employees.

Twitter Alternative Now Offers A Freemium Tier

The new model should be a boon for developers of clients in the App Store.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Penultimate, 3volution, XnRetro And More

Today's AGF list includes a handwriting app, an arcade game, and a photo effects app.

Netbot Gains Private Messaging Feature, Goes Free To 'Spur' Adoption Of

Right after receiving a small update, Netbot has gone absolutely free.

App Showdown: Netbot Vs. Felix Vs. Rivr: A Battle Of The iPhone Apps

With growing, what's the best way to keep up with the stream from your iPhone? We compare the top ADN apps in this week's App Showdown!

Netbot For App.Net Now Has Push Notifications And Other Goodies

Netbot, the popular client app for has received an important update. Version 1.1 includes push notifications and other tools.

AppAdvice App Of The Week For October 8, 2012

Spruce up your photography with some Polaroid flair and get ready to experience in a familiar way with our top app picks of the week!

Now That Tapbots Released Netbot For, Is It All You'll Need?

Now that Tapbots has released their own client, I was quite eager to try it out. Is it everything you ever wanted for an ADN app? Let's find out.

Tweetbot Maker Introduces Netbot, An App.Net Client For iPhone

Tapbots, the folks behind the popular Tweetbot apps, has announced the arrival of Netbot for iPhone, an client.