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The Weekly Echo: Netflix makes entertainment even smarter

This week, let's take a look at how a single button can make everything perfect for movie night.

Hulu finally unveils an ad-free subscription tier to compete with Netflix

Viewers can watch streaming video content without commercial interruption if they're willing to pay more.

Hulu won’t appease binge watchers with its original content

Bucking the trend set by Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, the streaming service will release new episodes weekly.

Why it’s okay that paid YouTube won’t have network TV

Network TV shows likely won't be on YouTube, but is that really a bad thing?

'House of Cards' season 3: President and Mrs. Underwood will see you now

The third season arrives on Netflix beginning at 3 a.m. EST.

The best iTunes Store discoveries for Jan. 16, 2015

This week’s list features a returning television series, a time-traveling adventure film, and more.

Netflix update brings support for 1080p video on the iPhone 6 Plus and more

Version 7.0 of the app is also optimized for both of Apple’s newest handsets.

How to spend a $25 iTunes gift card for Oct. 3, 2014

Our weekly list features five Adult Swim apps, "The Walking Dead," and more.

Netflix announces a new social recommendation feature for its iOS app

You can now privately recommend shows to Facebook friends.

Netflix to bring ‘Seinfeld’ to streaming video service?

All 180 episodes of "Seinfeld" could soon be available on demand for streaming viewers.

Netflix on the Apple TV will now automatically play the next episode

The feature has long been part of the streaming video service’s iOS app.

No Joke: Comedienne Chelsea Handler To Host New Talk Show On Netflix

Handler’s current series, “Chelsea Lately,” airs its final episode on E! on Aug. 26.

Netflix iOS App Updated With Faster Video Startup, Revamped UI

The Apple TV version of Netflix is also sporting the new app icon.

OITNA Is A New Companion App For Fans Of Netflix's 'Orange Is The New Black'

OITNA is a new companion app for "Orange Is The New Black."

After Beats Audio Purchase, Should Apple Buy Netflix?

With $159 billion in cash reserves, Apple would have plenty of green to buy Netflix.

Netflix Executive Says Personalization Is The Future Of The Streaming Video Service

Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt believes the traditional grid layout will one day be obsolete.

New Subscribers Will Pay More For Netflix Video Streaming Beginning Next Month

Current Netflix subscribers won't have to pay the new price until 2016.

A Refresher: How Apple Should Spend Some Of Its Cash

Here are some ideas on how Apple could spend some of its cash.

‘Jobs’ Returns To Netflix Streaming

The film stars Ashton Kutcher in the titular role as the Apple co-founder and CEO.

Updated: 'Jobs' Biopic Starring Ashton Kutcher Now Available Via Netflix Streaming

Netflix subscribers can now see "Jobs" via streaming.

For Brits, Lovefilm Instant Is About To Morph Into Prime Instant Video

Big changes are about to hit Amazon Prime in Britain.

The Apple TV Should Take On Netflix

Here's an interesting idea for the Apple TV.

How To Spend A $25 iTunes Gift Card For Feb. 14, 2014

This week's list is all about romance. And Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.