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Scam Alert: Fake IntelliScreen X iOS Application Appears In App Store

A brand new scam application has appeared in the App Store.

Push Racing Ponies To The Limit In Jumping Horses Champions

Are you horse-mad? If you love racing horses (gambling or riding), or even if you are more of a dressage kind of iDevice owner, consider downloading Jumping Horses Champions.

Twitter Fans Should Consider Taking 'twheel' For A Spin

One new Twitter app to hit the scene is "twheel," a free, universal iOS app that displays users' Twitter timelines in a readable wheel, rather than in the usual linear list.

Get Your Personal Finances In Order With 'Weekly Budget'

A new iPhone application allows users to keep tabs on their weekly budget, input daily expenses and analyse personal finances, all from within a simple, elegant interface.

Exploring St Petersburg: A Stroll With Tchaikovsky - Available To Download Now In The App Store

If you're planning a trip to St Petersburg and want to get to know one of Russia's finest cities, consider downloading and installing Exploring St Petersburg: A Stroll with Tchaikovsky. This new iOS app provides users with a walking virtual tour of the famous city - complete with a commentary on the classical architecture of central St Petersburg - and is available to download now in the App Store.

Activator - Another App Store Scam Appears In The iPhone App Store

Another jailbreak-related scam application has appeared in the App Store. As iDownloadBlog reports, a new iPhone application called "Activator" promises to deliver iOS customization options to non-jailbroken iPhone handsets, and is available for $0.99 in the App Store.

Gameloft's Brand-New iOS Racer Application Hits The App Store

The next installation in Gameloft's popular Asphalt racing series - Asphalt 7: Heat - is now available in the App Store. Asphalt 7: Heat is a universal app, and is currently available to download for just $0.99.

Smule Launches Ocarina 2 In The App Store For iPhone, iPod Touch

Smule has just launched Ocarina 2 - the sequel to its popular Ocarina application - in the App Store. Just like its predecessor, the all-new Ocarina 2 provides users with a virtual ancient flute that can be played by blowing air into an iPhone's microphone. However, far from being a mere replica, the sequel provides fans with a brand-new song mode, along with a refreshed selection of Ocarina tracks for users to play through.

Here's Another App Store Scam: Microsoft Word 2012

Here's another App Store scam you need to avoid!

New Mivault iPhone Application Launches In The App Store

A new iPhone app called mivault (free) allows Apple fans to keep track of their purchases - including information such as receipts, serial numbers and warranty - in an easy-to-use application and Web service.

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings - A New, Spooky iPhone Game Available Now

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings (free) is a new, spooky iPhone game developed by G5 Entertainment, which is available to download in the App Store now.

Disney Launches WATCH Disney Channel Apps In The iOS App Store

If you're brave enough to hand your beloved iPhone or iPad over to a youngster - or perhaps, on the other hand, if said youngster owns an iDevice of his or her own - consider downloading WATCH Disney Channel (free). This new, universal application allows Disney Channel fans to watch shows from the network on an iDevice, on-the-go.

Cyan Worlds Finally Releases realMyst - Let Your Adventure Begin

Prepare yourself - realMyst has arrived in the iPad App Store, and is available to download for $6.99.

Officially Licensed WarGames iOS Game Available Now

WarGames: WOPR ($0.99) - the officially licensed iOS game based on the 1983 motion picture - is now available to download in the App Store.

Jane's Hotel 2: Family Hero HD - Restore Your Family's Chain Of Hotels In This New Sequel

If you're a fan of Diner Dash, Hotel Dash and other similar service-with-a-smile style iOS apps, consider downloading Jane's Hotel 2: Family Hero HD.

Aquarium HD TV: Take Your Apple TV Under The Sea Using This App And AirPlay

A brand-new, universal $0.99 app called "Aquarium HD TV" allows iOS device owners to stream a beautiful aquarium screensaver from their mobile device, to an Apple TV (via AirPlay).

MSN For iPad Launches In The U.S. App Store

After launching MSN UK for iPad in the UK App Store at the end of January, Microsoft has finally launched its MSN iPad app in the U.S. App Store.

Reader X For iPad: Unlike Any Other Google Reader Client Out There

If you're looking for a Google Reader client that's rather a little different from the rest of the bunch, consider purchasing and downloading Reader X for iPad ($1.99). This new, interesting iPad application allows users to view the contents of their Google Reader reading list on their iPad's screen, in a grid. You can browse through the grid either horizontally or vertically, and touching an item in the grid opens it accordingly.

Electronic Arts Launches Fly With Me: Another Bird-Based iOS Game Hits The App Store

Fly With Me ($0.99) is a brand-new iOS game developed by Electronic Arts, which has recently appeared in the App Store.

Reckless Racing 2 Now Available: The Popular Racer Gets A Stunning Sequel

Reckless Racing 2 has just launched in the iOS App Store, where it's available to purchase and download for $4.99.

Steam Mobile Out Of Closed Beta, Now Available For All

After lingering around in a closed beta for just under a week, Steam Mobile (free) is now available for all to download and use. The application allows Apple fans to interact with the Steam community on-the-go, read the latest gaming news and keep up to date with Steam’s most recent sales and special offers.

Take A Look At Reckless Racing 2's Trailer - Excited For Its Launch?

If you went crazy for Reckless Racing back in 2010, fasten your seat belts because a sequel app is set to race into the App Store this February. The news was announced by Polarbit via a Twitter reply, and since a trailer for the upcoming application has hit the Web.

OnLive Desktop Now Available In The App Store

A few days ago, we told you about OnLive Desktop: this new service, which we heard about at CES, promises to gift iPad owners a Windows 7 experience on their Apple-branded tablet, including access to free cloud-storage and Microsoft Office applications. The free application ("OnLive Desktop") has now launched and, though the service appears to be struggling with the initial intense demand, the results are impressive.

Woody Woodpecker Races Into The App Store - New Universal App Available Now

It's been a long time coming, but Woody Woodpecker has finally made his App Store debut: a new application ("Woody Woodpecker") published by Chillingo, Ltd. is currently available to download for $0.99, and is natively compatible with all of Apple's iOS devices.