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new applist

New AppList: Apps With Valentine's Day Versions

Some of our favorite apps got heart-themed updates or special Valentine's editions.

New Applist: Apps for Cooking for Special Dietary Needs

Food allergies and special diets are becoming increasingly common, and chances are you or someone you know has foods they need to avoid. Planning a holiday or family gathering is hard enough without having to worry that you've served the wrong (and potentially dangerous) food. We've gathered a list of apps to help you cook for the allergic, the celiac, the heart-healthy, the vegan, and the vegetarian.

New AppList: Apps For A Fabulous Hanukkah

It's that time of year again, so get out your dreidels, your menorah, and start frying up those latkes. What, you don't have? Well, never fear, AppAdvice is here with all the apps you need to make your Hanukkah great.

New AppList: Top Stock Market Apps

So you want to get into stock trading? What apps can help you master the stock market? We cover everything from doing the research to playing in the stock market and even making trades. Let the apps in the App Store help you make your fortune.

New AppList: Find The Best Deals

People are finding more creative ways to save money these days, and there are plenty of apps out there that that offer some great deals. From gift certificates you buy at a discount to comparison shopping to coupon and bargain apps, there are plenty of ways your iPhone can help you spend less money.

New AppList: The First Batch Of iCloud Apps

With iOS 5, we now have access to this amazing thing called iCloud. What is iCloud? It is a new service by Apple that allows you to do a myriad of things. You will be able to store game data with iCloud, sync documents across different applications, and much more. In this AppList, we will go over some of the very first iCloud-enabled apps.

New AppList: Apps To Rock Your Notification Center

Notification Center arrives with iOS 5. You can add any app to Notification Center by going into the Settings app. Apple turns off the Mail app by default, but we find it is worthwhile to turn that one on. You can choose to have your apps show you notifications ONLY inside Notification Center. Having a central place for all of your notifications is really quite handy. We have gathered up our favorite apps to add to your Notification Center in this AppList.

New AppList: Apps For The Mobile Journalist

Thanks to the quality of Apple’s mobile hardware and the quality of apps, your iPhone and/or iPad may be enough for many journalists.

New AppList: Apps for the iPhone Artist

There's an artist in all of us. Let that artist out using sophisticated tools given to you by the iPhone.

New AppList: Apps To Find Your Way

Finding your way has never been easier. Thanks to the wonders of GPS, 3G, and an iPhone, the world is more accessible to you than ever before. How can your iPhone help find your way? We walk you through our favorite apps for getting around.

New AppList: iPad Apps To Keep You Organized

Do you struggle with staying organized? Do you battle clutter, not completing work on time, missing appointments, and other organizational pitfalls? Thanks to the wondrous world of apps, you can stay organized and on top of everything. In this AppList we will help you identify the right set of apps to begin your journey to becoming organized.

New AppList: Apps To Have A Good Night Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Having difficulties finding that peaceful rest at the end of a long day? You are not alone. There are perhaps millions in your shoes. Let us walk you through how your iOS device can help you enjoy a good night sleep.

New AppList: A Day At The Beach

Whether you are going on a beach vacation or have the luxury of living near a beach, there are some apps that you’ll want to have handy. We showcase our favorites in this AppList.

New AppList: Apps For Bikers

Are you a biker with an iPhone? Whether you ride a bicycle to get around, race, or just have fun, there are some great apps to help you out. The App Store is loaded with quality biking apps. We showcase our favorites in this AppList.

New AppList: Apps To Beef Up Your Social Life

Do you want to meet new people and be a more sociable person? Well, staying in your house day after day isn’t the way to do it. Being immersed on your iPhone whenever you're out and about isn’t how to do it either. With that said, there are some apps that can come in handy. These are apps that can help you find cool places to go and apps that simply get you socializing. We walk you through our favorites in this AppList.

New AppList: Apps For Poets

Poets may quickly fall in love with their iPhones and iPads through a number of fantastic apps. What kind of apps are there? Well, there are apps for reading poetry, writing poetry, jotting down snippets and ideas, recording poetry, and everything in between. The iPhone and iPad have become the solution for the modern day poet. These apps are for those that love the artistry of words. Let us walk you through the top apps for the poets out there.

New AppList: Turn Photos Into Art

Sometimes photo editors and filters just aren’t enough. You want to turn your photos into real works of printable, framable art. If you don’t have the skills to create art freehand, try out some of these incredible apps and make yourself a masterpiece in minutes.

New AppList: Apps For Christians

Are you a Christian looking for some apps to help you stay focused on the right things? What apps are out there? There are all kinds of apps everything from Bibles, to devotionals, prayer-focused apps, music apps, and many more. We walk you through our favorites in this AppList.

New AppList: Visiting The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of America’s over 50 national parks. It is a popular spot for family vacations and a great spot for the avid hiker. We will walk you through what apps you’ll want to have for your trip to the Grand Canyon in this AppList.

New AppList: Apps That iOS 5 May Kill Off

Many app developers will make some big changes once iOS 5 is released this fall. Apple has yet again added functionality that was, until now, only obtainable through third party apps. The developers will need to pack in more advanced features or else come out with new apps. We walk you through some of the apps endangered by iOS 5 in this AppList.

New AppList: Your iPhone Driving Assistant

Do you spend countless hours driving? Are you frustrated by the time you waste behind the wheel? What if your trip could be more enjoyable and more productive? Well, thanks to some clever apps you can do all this and more. Before using these apps, you should look into finding a car mount solution. Discover what you can do behind the wheel with your iPhone in this AppList.

New AppList: Apps For The Public Transit User

Are you someone that depends upon public transit? If you find yourself on buses, subways, and other mediums of transportation you may want some apps to use while you are traveling. These apps will help those long travel times fly by and perhaps even make you wish you had a longer trip.

New AppList: Apps To Get The Most Out Of Your 4th Of July Celebration

It's time for the 4th! Fireworks, BBQ, and Family Fun. It's easy to gather with the local crowd and watch the show, but you have an iPhone. It's time you use this little gadget to celebrate the 4th like you never have before! Are you planning to host a 4th of July party this year? Or maybe you’re visiting with friends, and you want liven up the party. Even if you’re going out for an Independence day picnic to catch the local fireworks, these apps can help turn any gathering of friends and family into a party!

New AppList: San Diego Apps

Traveling to San Diego? Live in San Diego? Well, either way, there are some apps you’ll want at the ready. We have gathered up our favorites. Check them out in this AppList.