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new iPhone rumors

FedEx Prepping For ‘Surge Volume’ Event On Probable Date Of New iPhone Launch

Can you think of anything happening Sept. 21-24? Apparently FedEx can.

Apple Will Reportedly Be The Only Supplier Of 30-Pin Dock Connector Adapters

One dock connector adapter will cost consumers $10 and a pack of three will be sold for $29. Apple will also be selling USB cables with the new dock connector for $19.

Are iPhone Owners Getting Antsy Or Just Being Dumb?

A large number of people seem to be putting a lot of faith in rumors by ditching their current iPhones a bit too early.

Next Gen iPhone Rumors, New Beta Released And Must Have Apps

Today we've rounded up some of the news from the weekend, as well as today, for your viewing pleasure. Plus, we have some apps that every iDevice owner shouldn't miss.