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new york city

Apple Pay may drive New York City's adoption of mobile payments for parking tickets

Drivers in New York City may soon be able to pay for parking tickets using Apple Pay.

Apple Is Set To Open Its World Trade Center Apple Store In 2015

Apple is set to launch a new store in New York City's World Trade Center shopping mall.

Navigate the New York City Subway With These iPhone Apps

These iPhone apps will show you the best and easiest way to get around New York City's subway system.

Your iPhone Takes Manhattan With These Apps

When going to the Big Apple, let your Apple iPhone show you the best time ever.

POW! Increase In Major Crimes In Gotham Attributed To iDevice Thefts In The City

The mayor of New York City has a rising crime problem that he blames on iPhone thefts.

Pilot Program In New York Makes It Easy To FaceTime Home With Free Wi-Fi

An interesting pilot program in New York is adding Wi-Fi to pay phone kiosks.

Apple To Make Education Announcement Next Thursday In New York

Is Apple getting ready to rock the education world?

Apple Event To Be Held In New York City At The End Of January

Apple is said to be holding an event in New York at the end of this month, but what will it be about?

Apple Store Manager: "There's Nothing We Can Do" About Black Market Extortionists

New York's famous Fifth Avenue Apple Store is currently the target of a group of "scalpers" - people who are buying up iPad 2 units, and reselling them for double the original price. Since the iPad 2's launch last week, many genuine Apple fans have been unable to get a second generation iPad from the store, because these scalpers are buying them all up.

Tribeca Film Festival Releases Official App

The Tribeca Film Festival has released an official iPhone app just in time for the 2010 festival. If you are going to The Tribeca Film Festival or are just a film buff then this app is the perfect guide to the festival.

Review: Taxi Drive

Take to the streets of New York City as you take to the driver's seat of a New York taxi cab. Have what it takes to navigate the busy streets and get your passengers to their destination? Find out here...