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news corp.

Bad News For The Daily, As News Corp's Digital Publication Lays Off A Third Of Its Staff

The Daily - once a promising tablet-only newspaper - has just laid off one third of its staff. Could the digital paper go out of business sooner rather than later?

Murdoch's The Daily Could Be Kaput By Fall

Once promising iPad app could be at death's door.

Fox News Brings A New Take On Its Successful iPhone App To The Big Screen

After waiting for things to heat up, Fox News is striking while the iron's hot with a brand new app designed for the iPad's big screen.

This Just In: The Daily - Downloaded 800,000 Times, Makes $10 Million Loss

News Corp's digital publication - The Daily - which premiered on the iPad back in February, hasn't had an impressive first quarter. In fact, even though the app was downloaded over 800,000 times, the publication made a loss of around $10 million.

The Daily Updated, Is It Any Faster?

The Daily has received a second update that promises to improve the app's "performance and stability." So far The Daily, which premiered in the App Store at the beginning of the month, has been heavily criticized for being pretty darned slow.

Apple Will Require In-App Subscriptions For Periodicals By March 31

Apple will reportedly require all subscriptions to utilize its new "in-app subscriptions" feature, by March 31. The feature is expected to premiere with iOS 4.3, which should be released in the coming weeks.

Did Somebody See An iPad 2 At “The Daily” Launch?

Yesterday, a "Reuters eye witness" supposedly saw a second generation iPad at News Corp.'s special event. At the event, Apple and News Corp. unveiled The Daily: a new digital publication, which premiered exclusively on the iPad. Comically, in a room full of tech journalists, someone was rumored to be playing around on an iPad 2.

James Murdoch: "The Daily" Will Launch With Subscriptions In The Coming Weeks

James Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of News Corp. (EU and Asia), recently confirmed that "The Daily" will launch "in the next few weeks." Furthermore, Murdoch added that he thinks the weekly subscription fee of $0.99 will be sufficient to support the publication.

Steve Jobs Will Join Murdoch On Stage To Announce "The Daily"

Steve Jobs will join Rupert Murdoch on stage later this month to announce the release of "The Daily." The tablet only digital newspaper will initially launch on the iPad. Will this herald the rumored Apple app subscription service?

Rumor: "The Daily" Coming January 17

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch’s long awaited “The Daily” iPad app should be released in January. The rumor, according to All Things Digital (which is also owned by Murdoch), is that the app will be unveiled on January 17. Read more ...

UK Newspaper Plans To Introduce App Subscriptions Ahead Of Apple's Expected Event?

The UK-based newspaper, The Guardian, is reportedly planning on introducing a new “subscription-based app” in the App Store before Christmas. Read on to find out more ...

“The Daily” Is Getting Closer To Reality, As Is Recurring Subscription Billing

Recurring subscription billing could be unveiled as early as next month for app magazines and newspapers. Read more ...

Apple And News Corp. Set To Launch Tablet-Only Newspaper

Apple and News Corp. are set to launch a tablet-only newspaper called the Daily. Read on to find out more...

Rupert Murdoch Pushes Bundling Of News Articles

The News Corp. Chairman is working on "The Daily" which could prove interesting in 2011. Read more ...