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news reader

The Yahoo News Digest Combines The Best Of Summly And Yahoo News

Yahoo News Reader is a great app to consume what is happening around you – even if you're not much of a news junkie.

AOL's New "Editions" Magazine Promises A Quick, Curated Experience

AOL's "Editions" aims to algorithmically aggregate your new morning paper.

Tired Of Newsreaders With Too Many Choices? Try Palimpsest For Those Long-Form Articles

Palimpsest is an iPad-only app that delivers one full-length article to you everyday, with no syncing required.

Pulse News Mini Is Back On Par With Its iPad Counterpart

Earlier today, Alphonso Labs released a major update to Pulse News Mini, the company's iPhone and iPod touch-optimized version of their hit multi-source news and social network reader. The update contains performance enhancements and expansions on source, organizing, and search features.

Here Comes The Flud... Update

Flud is a newcomer to the iPad visual newsreader market. Now, only three weeks after its initial release, it has already received a major update.

Is THIS The Best iPad News Reader?

While Twitter clients were one of the most popular and most debated apps on the iPhone, news readers are the hot topic for the iPad. Apps like Flipboard, Reeder and Pulse have drawn the most attention so far, but a new app seeks to eclipse them all.