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Nintendo gets social on the App Store - Miitomo video review

Nintendo's Miitomo hits the App Store and aims at making us more social.

Preregister your spot in Nintendo's Miitomo and get a special bonus

You'll soon be able to sign up for an account to use with Nintendo's upcoming app, Miitomo.

Nintendo’s second mobile game will feature a ‘familiar’ character

The venerable game maker said that it will begin prelaunch registration for its first game, Miitomo, soon.

Nintendo announces Miitomo, its first ever smartphone game

Miitomo will be the first app for iOS developed by Nintendo.

A Super Mario Bros. clone returns to the App Store

Now called Pixel World, the app looks a little less like the Mushroom Kingdom, but still offers some retro gaming fun.

Nintendo decides less is more for its iOS games

You should expect a few hits, not a lot of duds, from the Nintendo/DeNA partnership.

Super Mario Brothers has been cloned in Super Bros

A cute recreation of the classic 8-bit Nintendo game has come to the App Store.

You might see Mario on your iPhone after all

Thanks to a partnership between Nintendo and DeNA, we may finally see Mario on our iDevices

Apple ejects Nintendo emulator Floppy Cloud out of the App Store

As expected, the emulator-in-disguise Floppy Cloud has been pulled from the App Store.

Play Super Nintendo games on your iPhone or iPad without a jailbreak in iOS 8

The SiOS emulator can be installed on an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and more.

GBA4iOS Emulator Makes Triumphant Comeback After Nintendo Takedown

GBA4iOS, the popular jailbreak-free Game Boy Advance emulator for iOS, is back online.

Nintendo Shuts Down GBA4iOS, The Popular Game Boy Advance Emulator

It's a sad day, Nintendo fans: GBA4iOS is no more.

Miss Your Gameboy? Then Look Out For Crescent Moon Games' 2-Bit Cowboy

Owners of Apple's iPhone can take on the Old West in Crescent Moon Games' upcoming 2-bit Cowboy.

Jailbreak-Free Nintendo DS Emulator Launches For iOS Devices

There's a new Nintendo emulator on the block, and this one's called NDS4iOS.

Ever Imagine What A Nintendo iOS Game Might Look Like?

Get ready for Angry Kong, Duck Ninja, and more.

Check Out This New Jailbreak-Free, Browser-Based Gameboy Emulator For iOS

Ben Midi's Gameboy emulator for iOS is worth checking out.

The NES-Inspired Venture Kid Is Set To Reach Our iOS Devices Later This Year

Venture Kid promises a retro, NES-inspired gaming experience for iOS.

How To Play Nintendo Games On Your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

This could be the best way to play Nintendo on your iOS device without jailbreaking.

After All That, Nintendo Confirms: No Games For iOS, But A 'Service App' Is Incoming

Nintendo might be having a hard time, but mini-games are definitely not coming to iOS, the company has announced.

Nintendo Denies Report That It Will Bring Mini-Games To Mobile Devices

We’ll apparently learn more about the gaming company’s plans later this week.

Nintendo Will Make The Move To Smartphones, Kind Of

Later this week, the venerable game company will reportedly announce plans to use iOS devices to market its current console titles.

Nintendo Doesn't Plan On Bringing Mario To Smartphones, After All

Nintendo's sales forecast might have sent shareholders running for the hills, but it's still not planning iOS ports of its exclusive titles.

Following Soft Launch, Fright Fight Is Set To Reach The US In The Coming Weeks

Fright Fight is set to launch in the U.S. App Store in the coming weeks.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Apple's Great Leap, The Deep Web And More

We're always reporting and offering our opinions. Here are just some of the topics that we covered during the week that was.