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nintendo 3ds

Nintendo Hopes To Tackle Apple With New 2DS Handheld Console

Nintendo hopes to take a bite out of Apple with its new game console.

Report: Consumers Spend More On iOS Games Than On Gaming-Optimized Handhelds

According to recent data, consumers spend more money on iOS than they do on handheld game consoles.

Nintendo Does Not Plan On Making iPhone Games Anytime Soon

Nintendo's President, Satoru Iwata, has made it clear that there are no plans for the gaming giant to release any games on mobile platforms or smartphones that aren't their own.

Nintendo's Barely Treading Water, But Apple's Got Extra Life Jackets

Apple can save Nintendo, but the Japanese giant has to want the help.

Analyst: iOS & Android Gained Video Game Market Share In 2010

According to one mobile analytics service (Flurry), iOS and Android gained video game market share in 2010.

Future iPhones Could Include 3D Photo And Video Taking Capabilities

Could future iPhones allow pictures to be taken and displayed in 3D? Sounds like they could, according to a September 2009 patent request filed by Apple.