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Barnes & Noble's Nook app for iOS goes 4.0 with new design, features and improvements

Barnes & Noble has just released the first major update to come to the official iOS app of its Nook e-reading service in over a year.

Barnes & Noble unveils the Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is now available at Barnes and Noble stores.

Barnes & Noble To Partner With Samsung To Produce Co-Branded NOOK Tablets

The first Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK launches in August.

Barnes & Noble Finally Fixes Nook App's Compatibility Issues On iOS 7

Nook for iOS has finally been updated to be fully compatible with iOS 7.

Barnes & Noble Warns Users Of Issues Caused By Nook App's iOS 7 Incompatibility

Barnes & Noble has notified users of its Nook iOS app about a couple of issues that they may encounter on iOS 7.

Opinion: Sometimes Even Apple Fans Must Wade Into The Android Ecosystem

There are times when some of us have no choice but to buy an Android-based tablet.

Ka-Pow! Nook For iOS Now Supports Nook Comics With ZoomView

The newly updated Nook for iOS introduces support for Nook comics.

Shelf Control: How To Read Your Read-Later Articles In Your Favorite E-Reading App

Wouldn't it be great if you could download your favorite articles as e-books and read them in your favorite e-book reading app?

Barnes & Noble's Nook For iOS Enters New Chapter In Assistive Technology

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an e-reading app in possession of accessibility features must be good for visually impaired users. And one such app is Nook for iOS.

The iPad Mini And Its Likely Competitors: Prices And Specs That May Work

AppAdvice takes a look at the long-rumored iPad Mini and how it might compares to other compact tablets on the market.

Harry Potter Books Magically Disappear After Updating To New Version Of Nook For iOS

Just a few hours ago, Barnes & Noble’s Nook app for iOS has also received a significant update.

Barnes & Noble Introduces Nook For Web, Which Will Benefit iOS Customers Too

The largest brick and mortar book retailer in the U.S. announces the release of Nook for Web. Now you can read your e-books everywhere.

Barnes & Noble's Nook Finally Turns The Page For The New iPad's Retina Display

Glad to have you on board the Retina iPad bandwagon, Nook, but please fix that credit card nuisance soon.

AppAdvice Daily: Skyfire Releases New App, Plus Learn How To Fold Some Love Into Your Dollars!

Could Apple be thinking about buying Barnes & Noble? Skyfire has released a new app that let's you use Safari, and view Flash videos. Plus we have more price drops, and a must have download.

Rumor: Apple Considering Barnes & Noble Purchase

Apple is said to be considering a purchase of book giant Barnes & Noble. This news, which comes exclusively from BGR, suggests Apple would use the acquisition to fold Barnes & Noble’s vast library of e-books into its own iBooks store.

Apple’s Attempt To Siphon Off E-Book Revenues From Others Backfires

Apple's new subscription rules makes it the biggest loser. Here's why.

NOOK iPad Reader App Pulled From App Store, But Coming Back Soon With Something Huge

Barnes & Noble is bringing full-color, interactive magazines and newspapers to its free NOOK iPad app. In total, 175 titles will be available when the service launches in the coming days. However, to utilize the new service users will have to wait until the company brings a new app update to the App Store. Right now, the app is no longer available for download.

Depending On Which E-Book Reader App You Use, Today Could Be A Bad Day [Updated]

Apple’s new subscription rules are beginning to have an effect on iPad owners who use the iDevice to read books. While one e-book app has now been eliminated from the App Store, others have been radically changed to comply with the new rules. What’s the status of your favorite e-book reader app? Read on.

Physical, Printed Media Is Dying (And It Has Nothing To Do With Pricing Or Availability)

The clock is ticking for traditional printers and publishers, but it isn't because digital's cheaper or faster.

Leatherbound: A Price Comparison App For E-Books

Leatherbound is a new, free universal application that allows users to compare e-book prices across the iBookstore, Kindle Store and NOOK Book Store.

Apple Sued Over iBooks Name

Another week, another Apple lawsuit. New York publisher John T. Colby is suing Apple over the use of the word “iBooks,” according to news first reported by Tuaw.

Top AppAdvice News & Apps Of The Past Week

The week that was featured news about Google, Skype, Microsoft and more. What do you think? Looking For iOS Developers To Create Apps For Its Kindle Device is actively soliciting iOS developers to bring their apps to its Kindle platform. In particular, the Seattle, Washington-based company is seeking out educational app developer. However, this news isn't bad news for Apple.