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How to receive alerts for almost anything using Hooks

Set up alerts for sports team and game results, local coupons and discounts, and even music album releases with Hooks.

Apple's Latest Patent Could See Notification LEDs Arrive On iPad Smart Covers

Apple's Smart Cover could receive a built-in notification system, according to one recently discovered patent.

Cydia Tweak: ActiveBoard For iOS 7 Rethinks iOS Notifications

ActiveBoard offers a smarter notification system for iOS devices.

Notifyr For iPhone Can Send iOS Notifications Over To Your Mac

This clever new iPhone application can route all of your iOS notifications over to a Mac computer.

Cydia Tweak: The Notification-Enhancing Badger Launches For iOS 7

The popular Badger jailbreak tweak has launched for iOS 7.

Concept: Interactive Notifications Is A Feature iOS 8 Definitely Needs

Could this be one new feature added in Apple's iOS 8?

The 5 Reasons You Should Upgrade To Apple's iOS 7

It's official, iOS 7 is here and we're showing off five features that make it a must have.

Notification Configurator eNotify Updated To Add Additional Services And More

The popular eNotify has just received an update in preparation for Apple's iOS 7.

How To Block Unknown iMessage Alerts In iOS 6

There's a new feature in iOS 6 that allows you to block iMessage notifications and alerts from people outside of your contacts.

How To Keep Your Lock Screen Clean

Lock screen notifications are very handy as reminders for messages or emails that you may have missed, but sometimes they can get a little messy.

This Jailbreak Tweak Gets Siri To Auto-Read All Incoming Banner Notifications

Get Siri to read all incoming banner notifications with this jailbreak tweak.

Three Hidden iOS 6 Features

Today we're featuring three iOS 6 features that you may have missed.

Emblem: OS X-Inspired Notifications For Your Jailbroken iPad

A new jailbreak tweak to hit the Cydia Store is Emblem, which can apply OS X-style notifications to a jailbroken iPad.

Notification Banners Adorn iCloud's New Website

Banner notifications are now appearing at

Are You Tired Of Tones Or Vibrations? Enable iPhone LED Notifications

Learn how to use your iPhone's camera flash as visual notification for calls, text messages, emails, and more.

This Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak Allows For Notification Resizing

An upcoming jailbreak tweak for the iPhone called "Bulletin Pro" has come to our attention, which allows users to resize Notification Center and banner notifications on their jailbroken smartphone.

Want A Simpler Banner Notification Experience? Check Our SimpleBanners Jailbreak Tweak

This jailbreak tweak promises to simplify banner notifications on a jailbroken iDevice.

Give Banner Notifications A New, Minimalistic Look With MiniBanners Jailbreak Tweak

This new jailbreak tweak can give banner notifications on your iPhone a new, small-size, minimalistic look.

This Impressive, Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak Adds Growl-Like Notifications To iPad

Do you love Growl for OS X? If so, you may be excited to hear that an upcoming jailbreak tweak called NotiPad promises to add a Growl-like notification interface to jailbroken iPads, according to iDownloadBlog.

Do Not Disturb Now In iOS 6

Some notification enhancements have been announced at today's big event - Do Not Disturb comes to iOS 6.

Jailbreak Only: Ipsum - Dismiss Lock Screen Notifications With A Double-Swipe

Ipsum is a new jailbreak tweak that allows users to easily dismiss Lock screen notifications with a double-swipe.

AppAdvice Daily: iOS 5 Everything You Need To Know

iOS 5 has tons of awesome new features. Check out our video walkthrough to see how they all work!

Prowl Gets An Update: Adds iPad Support, Refined Design And More

The popular Growl client for iPhone, Prowl, has recently received a major update adding iPad support, a new design, offline access to notifications and much, much more.

New AppList: Apps That iOS 5 May Kill Off

Many app developers will make some big changes once iOS 5 is released this fall. Apple has yet again added functionality that was, until now, only obtainable through third party apps. The developers will need to pack in more advanced features or else come out with new apps. We walk you through some of the apps endangered by iOS 5 in this AppList.