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Domino's Pizza Updates iOS App With Nuance-Powered Voice Ordering Feature

Domino's Pizza has just updated its flagship iOS app with a neat and new voice ordering feature.

WSJ: Samsung In Talks To Buy Nuance Communications, The Company Behind Siri

Nuance is the "fundamental provider" of Apple's Siri voice recognition software.

Apple May Publicly Release iOS 7 On Sept. 10, According To Nuance Developer Email

Apple's iOS 7 may be released to the public on the same day the next-generation iPhone is announced.

Apple Is Forming Its Own Speech Technology Team With Former Nuance Employees

Apple is hiring former Nuance employees to make Siri better.

Has Apple Acquired The So-Called 'Google Now For iOS' Service, Grokr?

Could Apple have purchased the intelligent predictive search service, Grokr?

Nuance Confirms That Its Software Powers Siri's Voice Recognition

Nuance CEO Paul Ricci has confirmed that his company is the "fundamental provider" of voice recognition technology for Apple's Siri.

Move Over Siri, Nuance's Nina Is Here For iOS

Nuance has introduced Nina, a new virtual assistant that could soon be integrated into some of your favorite apps.

Nuances Unveils Recorder App For iDevices

Nuance Communications today announced a brand new app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. The Dragon Recorder app makes it possible for Dragon customers to use an iDevice as a voice recorder to capture their own voice.

Apple’s New Assistant Feature Will Be Available Exclusively On The iPhone 5/4S (Video)

When Apple unveils the iPhone 5/4S on Tuesday, it is expected to include a new voice feature using technology from Nuance and Siri. Today, MacRumors suggests this feature will be available exclusively on the new handset and not available on previous iPhone models through a software upgrade.

Nuance's Dragon Go Expands To More Media Services, Plus Support For Google+

In the first major update to Dragon Go, Nuance has opened paths to two major media sources and Google's social network.

Everything You Need To Know About "Assistant" - For The iPhone 5

It has been a couple of months since 9to5Mac began teasing us with information on an unreleased "Assistant" feature for iOS that Apple is keeping warm for the launch of the iPhone 5. Born from Apple's acquisition of Siri, the personal assistant app, and an alliance with Nuance, the new Assistant feature is rumored to be very similar, but built right into iOS and with more options. Today, in a well-timed post, 9to5Mac details what they claim is everything they know about it.

Personal Assistant, Speech-To-Text, Coming With iOS 5

In recent months, we’ve heard a lot about iOS 5 and its new features. One of those is a Siri-based Assistant feature for voice-navigation. Now, 9 To 5 Mac is claiming the new feature will look a lot like Google’s own iPhone Voice Search application. Meanwhile, we now have proof that a Nuance speech-to-text feature is also coming to Apple's next iOS.

Leaked Screenshot Shows New iOS 5 Nuance Integration

Nuance is definitely coming in iOS 5, and we've got an up-to-date developer screenshot to prove it.

Nuance Dictation Referenced In iOS 5 - System Wide Dictation Feature, Activated By Keyboard?

For a while now, we've been wondering whether Nuance technology is going to premiere with iOS 5. Now, it would appear that a system wide Nuance Dictation feature is going to launch in iOS 5, which users will be able to activate via a specific virtual keyboard button.

Apple Developing "Assistant" - System Navigation Feature To Debut With iPhone 5?

Following months of speculation, it would appear that Apple is indeed planning on launching a Siri-like system navigation feature with iOS 5. The feature, called "Assistant," is expected integrate seamlessly within the iOS, and work alongside contacts, location and other aspects of the mobile operating system.

What's All The Fuss About Nuance's New Really Smart Search App, Dragon Go?

Have you been hearing about the new Dragon Go app? Find out what it's all about.

Nuance Continues Its Storm On iOS - Acquires Leading PDF & Note Taking App, Noterize

We have recently learned from our sources that Nuance Communications has acquired the popular iPad app, Noterize - an application previously featured in Apple's "iPad is Iconic" TV ad. Following the purchase, the app in question was removed from the App Store.

Leaked "Hidden" Developer Files Show Nuance Integration Will Likely Ship In iOS 5

It looks like Nuance features on iOS will ship in the Fall, after all.

Could Nuance Still Be A Part Of iOS 5, After All?

For a while now, we've been expecting a revamped Voice Control service to launch with the iOS, namely because of Apple's rumored dealings with Nuance. However, at yesterday's WWDC keynote presentation, nothing was formally announced by Scott Forster when the Apple executive gave us all the details on iOS 5.

Apple Patent: Calls From Noisy Places Could Be Thing Of The Past

Apple has submitted a patent application for a system that allows users to translate Text-to-Speech and vice versa, according to Patently Apple. The request, which was just published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office could make communicating in difficult environments much easier.

Apple's NC Data Center To Serve Up Brand New Nuance Partnership

Apple is likely to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Nuance Communications at the WWDC, serving voice-recognition functions from its new NC data center.

Apple Has Been In Talks With Nuance For Months: Expect To See The Proof In iOS 5

Apple has reportedly been in talks with Nuance (a voice recognition company) for several months, suggesting that the Cupertino, CA company is planning on incorporating more intelligent voice recognition technology within a future version of the iOS.

Nuance Makes Dragon Mobile SDK Available For Developers

Nuance Communications, the company behind the universal Dragon Dictation app, has made its Dragon Mobile SDK available for iOS developers. The software development kit is free to members of the Nuance Mobile Developer Program.