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President Obama Shoots Footage On An iPad During ConnectED School Visit

President Obama has been spotted using Apple's iPad once again.

President Obama Meets With Apple CEO Tim Cook Over Government Surveillance

President Barack Obama has met with Apple CEO Tim Cook concerning government surveillance.

Stay On Top Of The 2012 Presidential Election With These Apps

Get ready to stay on top of the 2012 presidential election with today's apps.

Eight Political Apps That Are Fun, Unique And Are For Both Donkeys And Elephants

There are many politically-inspired apps already in the App Store. Here are some of the most unique.

President Obama Protects His iPad 2 With A DODOcase

A photo has appeared on the White House's Flickr page that shows President Obama making Thanksgiving phone calls to U.S. troops in the oval office. Beside him sits a newspaper and what appears to be a book. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that book is no book. It's an iPad 2 with a classy DODOcase cover. DODOcase, which we featured back in May, seems to suit Obama well.

President Obama's App Just Released

Barack Obama's Organizing for America has released an official app ahead of the 2010 Congressional Elections.

Running A Country? There's An iPad For That

While President Obama recently confessed that he didn't know how to use an iPad or an iPod, the same is not true of those who surround him. Apparently the number crunchers at the White House thought that $499 is the kind of expenditure they could approve of.