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Oliver Fürniß

Version 3.0 Of Mr. Reader Lands In The App Store With An iOS 7 Redesign

Along with a new icon, the iPad/iPad mini app also supports the 64-bit A7 processor.

Mr. Reader Update Adds Two New RSS Sync Services

Version 2.1 of the app also moves the video collecting service in the ToWatchList.

Mr. Reader Updated With More Improvements In Support Of Google Reader Alternatives

Mr. Reader, one of the most popular RSS reader apps for iPad, has just received another update.

Mr. Reader Prepares For Life After Google Reader With Newly Released Version 2.0

Mr. Reader has just received its 2.0 update, which brings support for several Google Reader replacements.

Mr. Reader Update Brings Numerous New Features And Improvements

Fans of the highly customizable and powerful Google Reader client should be pleased with the additions.

Mr. Reader Shows Some Love For Chrome And Various Other Services

Hey, mister (or miss)! Mr. Reader has once again received a major update today.

App Showdown: Stay Current with Reeder, Mr. Reader, Reader X And Newsify

RSS is definitely not dead, despite what most people say. This week, we compare the best Google Reader apps for your iOS devices! Is your favorite here?

Mr. Reader Update Highlighted By Support For Multiple Google Reader Accounts

Mr. Reader, a great RSS app for the iPad, has received a set of new features in an update today.

Mr. Reader Gets An Extensive Update With Plenty Of New Features

Mr. Reader is a great RSS app for your iPad, and it has just received a major update with 1.7.

Mr. Reader Challenges Reeder App With Huge Update

One of the more recent Google Reader apps for the iPad has received its first significant update. Mr. Reader by Oliver Fürniß includes new features, improvements, and a few bug fixes too as it transitions to Version 1.1.