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Facebook Acquires Cellular Data-Compressing iOS App Onavo

Facebook has just made an interesting acquisition.

Op-Ed: Preserve Your iDevice's Jailbreak, Turn A Blind Eye To iOS 7

Should jailbreakers really hold off on updating to iOS 7 until a jailbreak solution becomes available?

Some Apps Are Facing An Uncertain Future Thanks To Apple's iOS 7 Update

Not all developers are thrilled by the arrival of iOS 7.

With Twitter Apps, Is Bigger Always Better?

Could your Twitter app be affecting your monthly cell phone bill? That depends.

Best iPhone Titles Include HBO Go, TweetDeck, And More

Saving money, watching HBO videos, and a new Twitter app make up some of the best iPhone apps of the week. But, which was the absolute best?

Onavo Helps Eliminate Data Download Concerns For Good

Carrier-introduced data limits are not fun, especially when going over those limits lead to a hefty cell phone bill. However, help has arrived. The Onavo app for the iPhone help users regain control of their data usage and save money in the process.