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Opera Mini

Opera Coast updated with Snapchat-like news feed and 3D Touch support

Opera has just updated both of its Web browser apps for iOS with new and noteworthy features.

Bedtime browsing has never been better with Opera Mini

Opera has just updated its flagship Web browser app for iOS, Opera Mini, with a new night mode that’s actually quite neat.

Opera Mini Web browser updated with support for share extensions in iOS 8

Opera Mini has just received another notable update on iOS.

Opera Mini 9.0 features video boost for reducing buffering time and cellular data bills

Opera has just updated its popular mobile web browser, Opera Mini, to version 9.0 with a new feature called video boost.

Opera Releases Surprise Update To Opera Mini, Brings New iOS 7 Design And More

In a rather surprising move, Opera has just released a major update to the iOS edition of its Opera Mini Web browser.

Is Opera Ice The Coolest Mobile Web Browser Ever?

"No buttons. No menus. Just a pure visual experience. That's what we're building here." So says the creator of Ice, the upcoming mobile Web browser from Opera.

Opera Mini Web Browser Updated With Retina iPad UI And Data Usage Info

Other than the long-overdue Retina iPad support, a few more improvements are brought by the update for both iPhone and iPad versions of Opera Mini.

Opera Mini Web Browser Updated: Improvements & Fixes Made

The popular iOS app Opera Mini Web Browser has recently received an update, which makes a variety of improvements and fixes to the application.

Opera Mini Web Browser Updated: Now A Universal iOS App, With Native Support For The iPad

The popular Safari alternative, Opera Mini Web Browser (free), has recently been updated. Now, the application is universal – meaning it’ll run natively on the iPad, as well as the iPhone and iPod touch.

Opera Mini Gets A Million Downloads On Day 1 - Doesn't Make It Work Any Better

Opera mini for iPhone is already a success with over a million downloads on launch day, but will this last?

Appisode 108: Opera Mini In The App Store, Apps To Get You An A - Plus A Facebook Fanpage!

Opera Mini hits the App Store, more iPhone 4 details, plus tons of apps to get you A's. Plus we're making a facebook fanpage! We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.