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Opinion: All Of These Subtle Changes - Has Apple Gone Rogue?

With today’s sudden announcement of a larger capacity iPad, it makes one question what Apple is doing.

Apple's March Special Event Wish List

Apple's special iPad 2 event is tomorrow! We have a wish list of all the great things we'd love to see them include in the next iPad!

Is Apple's March Special Event Held During GDC For A Reason?

Apple has decided to hold their iPad 2 special event during the Game Developer's Conference? Is there any reason behind that, or just coincidence? If for a reason, what could it be?

R.I.P. Android 2/10/11

2/10/2011 will be a day that lives in infamy at Google as the iPhone comes to Verizon. Is this the end for Android all together, or just as we know it?

Are We Pushing Developers Too Far?

Apps are becoming more and more complex, yet at the same price points. We keep asking more, more, more, but when will developers say enough already?

The iPhone 4 Doesn't Really Change Anything

The iPhone 4 is billed as the greatest leap in innovation since the original iPhone. In reality though how much different is it than the iPhone 3GS. Is this new iPhone worth an upgrade?

What Steve Jobs (Probably) Has To Say About The App Store Problems

We were tired of Apple's silence about the problems with the App Store, so I decided to write a letter from Steve Jobs.