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Optimum for iPad

Cablevision Announces Huge Updates To Its Optimum Apps

Optimum today released a significant update to its popular iPhone/iPod touch app. For the first time, Cablevision customers can watch and control TV content directly from their iDevice.

Viacom Goes After Cablevision Over Live iOS Video Streaming

Viacom sued Cablevision Systems Corp. on Thursday, accusing the cable provider of unlawfully streaming video content via mobile devices, such as the iPad.

Top AppAdvice News & Apps Of The Past Week

Continued iPhone 5 rumors gained traction, while one iPad 3 rumor was debunked. The white iPhone 4 returned from the dead, but unfortunately, the Flip Video died a painful death. Adobe played nice with Apple, but Viacom went after Cablevision. Finally, one app went to Hollywood, while another looked a lot like an app already in the App Store. These stories and more made news during the last week.

Time Warner Adds Discovery, Fox Channels To Streaming App, Two Weeks After Pulling Them

Time Warner has quietly re-added some Discovery and Fox channels to its TWCable app for the iPad, while also adding some new ones. This update comes two weeks after the cable giant voluntarily pulled some of those same channels from its streaming service after receiving a cease and desist letter from the two networks.

Viacom Goes After Cablevision Over iPad Streaming Rights

While Time Warner’s feud with cable networks over its streaming iPad app received more coverage, Cablevision is also being criticized by one of the same entertainment giants. According to CNet, Viacom has accused the cable operator of providing live TV streaming of its networks that it “has not granted.” Will a cease and desist letter follow?

Cablevision Launches Streaming App For iPad; Legal Fight Likely

Cablevision has quietly released its new Optimum for iPad app, which allows existing customers to stream live television programming to the tablet. The decision will almost certainly put the cable giant within the crosshairs of some networks who aren’t happy with the concept of streaming.