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Sphero looks to SPRK children’s interest in robotics

Along with the fun version of its app-controllable ball, the company has introduced a new app that teaches low-level programming.

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Orbotix’s Sphero 2.0 Will Roll Into Stores Later This Month

The next-generation robotic ball is twice as fast and three times as bright.

Use Sphero To Mow Down Zombies In The Rolling Dead

The new app is the latest augmented reality game that uses the robotic ball from Orbotix.

Have $10,000? You Can Get A Giant Sphero

Check out the Sphero Peacekeeper Edition, a giant 150-pound remote control ball.

Check Out Sphero's Augmented Reality Games

Games available for Sphero are getting more sophisticated. Check them out and make sure to enter the contest to win your very own rainbow Sphero.

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CES 2013: Use Sphero To Battle Zombies In An Upcoming Augmented Reality App

Orobotix, the company behind the iOS-controlled Sphero robotic ball, has announced some new and fun ways to use the system at CES.

Nyan Cat – Space Party! Flies Into The App Store With Support For The Sphero

The iOS-controlled robotic ball, Sphero, and Nyan Cat are forming an unlikely partnership in the new app Nyan Cat – Space Party!

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CES 2012: New Games Roll Out For Robotic Sphero Toy

Forget the Parrot Quadricopter, Sphero is the best iPhone drone on the CES floor.