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Mailbox Update Fixes Account Reset Issue Likely Due To iOS 7's Background App Refresh

Mailbox has just been updated with some bug fixes for the "account reset issue" that has been plaguing many users of the popular email app.

Mailbox Updated With Cloud Search, Account Signatures And Chrome Integration

A new major update has just been delivered to Mailbox.

Mailbox Developer Orchestra To Shut Down Namesake To-Do App 2 Years After Launch

Orchestra has just announced that it will be shutting down its namesake to-do app, Orchestra To-do.

Mailbox Updated With iPhone Landscape Mode And Gmail 'Send As' Alias Support

Mailbox has just been updated with landscape mode for iPhone and support for Gmail's "send as" alias feature.

Popular Email App Mailbox Adds Support For Portrait Orientation On iPad

With the new version of Mailbox, you're no longer forced to use the app on your iPad or iPad mini in landscape mode only.

Native iPad Support And Other Major Improvements Coming To Popular Email App Mailbox

Orchestra has confirmed that it plans to bring some major improvements to Mailbox in future updates.

Updated: Developer Claims Mailbox iPhone App Has 'No Data Protection'

It would appear that the Mailbox app for iPhone leaves a lot to be desired in terms of security and data protection.

Mailbox's Reservation Line Is History

Thanks to increased server capacity, everyone is now cool enough to immediately use the service.

Smarter Snoozes, Faster Swipes And More Get Delivered To Mailbox

I'm really liking Mailbox, especially now that it's been updated with several welcome improvements.

A Million Mailboxes Have Been Filled By This Popular Email App For iPhone

Last week, we were treated to a tale of two "boxes." Now, it's time for a tale of a million Mailboxes.

The Mailbox App For iPhone Is Being Criticized By Those Not Cool Enough To Get In

Mailbox's unique reservation system has become a double-edged sword.

Orchestra's New Mailbox App Will Change The Way You Deal With Email

Intuitive gesture-based email app Mailbox is now available for download.

Mailbox Hits The App Store With A Reservation System

If you didn't reserve a spot in line, you'll have to be patient to use the highly anticipated email client.

Task Management And Collaboration Make The Perfect Duet In Orchestra To-Do

Orchestra is a beautifully designed and executed task manager for the iPhone.