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original iphone

Rare Original iPhone Prototype Goes For $1,500 At Auction

The iPhone prototype is said to be one of only five in existence.

Original iPhone Will Soon Reach 'Obsolete' Status In Apple Retail Stores

Apple will soon attach an "obsolete" classification to the original iPhone.

Apple Price Matching, Hot Freebies, Refurbished iPads And More

Today we have some money saving tips for those looking to get a new iDevice, or those looking to get a new app. Plus, one way to get an old iPhone for way too much.

The AppAdvice Week In Review

So you say you want a revolution? This week, Google looked to the future while Apple celebrated their past.

The iPhone That Started A Revolution

Five years ago today, the first iPhone debuted. Here's a look back through photos, video, and of course, Steve Jobs.

iWake With AppAdvice For Wednesday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. The SuperBowl streams live to select iPhone customers and complete your iTunes TV seasons. Have a listen ...

Happy Fourth Birthday, iPhone [Amazing Infographic]

Where were you four years ago today? Standing in line for the original iPhone?

This Battle Scarred iPhone Actually Looks Beautiful, In Its Own Unique Way

The image of a “battle scarred” original iPhone handset has recently hit the Web, and interestingly, the device looks strangely beautiful.

Go Back In Time With This Original iPhone Sticker

If you're a fan of the original iPhone's aluminium backing, you're in luck - because one company can give your iPhone 4 the same design, for just $10. The sticker is water proof, grease proof, and can easily be removed from your iPhone handset.

Wait! You May Already Own an iPhone 4 Dock!

If you recently placed an order for Apple's $30 iPhone 4 dock, you may want to reconsider. It turns out that an ideal iPhone 4 dock may be much cheaper, or better yet...already be sitting in one of your dusty drawers!