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Shelf Control: Check out what's new in the upcoming update to OverDrive Media Console

In this week's edition of Shelf Control, we're checking out what's new in the upcoming version of OverDrive Media Console.

You’ll Soon Be Able To Borrow A Streaming Video From The Local Library Thanks To OverDrive

A number of Warner Bros. movies can soon be viewed in the OverDrive Media Console iOS app.

OverDrive Media Console 3.0 Features iOS 7-Inspired Interface, Syncing And More

OverDrive Media Console has just been updated to version 3.0.

QuickAdvice: Read Popular Contemporary Books For Free On Your iDevice With OverDrive Media Console

You've got yourself a shiny new iPad or iPhone. So, how can you download and read popular, contemporary books for free? The answer is OverDrive Media Console.