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Joshua Hill's Developer Resource OpenJailbreak Launches For All

Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja) has launched a new resource for jailbreak developers called OpenJailbreak.

Popular Hacker Hopes To Enhance The Jailbreak Scene With 'OpenJailbreak'

More information on one of Joshua Hill's exciting projects has surfaced.

Could A Jailbreak Solution For iOS 7 Already Be In The Works?

Renowned jailbreaker Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja) promises that something big is in the works. But what could it be?

An iOS 6.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak Solution Is Almost Complete

An iOS 6.0.1 untethered jailbreak solution that supports the iPhone 5 could launch soon.

Former iOS 6 Hacker P0sixninja Betrays Jailbreak Community

The story of P0sixninja leaving the Chronic-Dev Team of jailbreakers has just taken an interesting turn.

Famed iOS Hacker P0sixninja Leaves The Chronic Dev Team

This just in: @p0sixninja has reportedly left the Chronic Dev-Team, for reasons unknown.

Check Out The Jailbreak Dream Team's Hack In The Box Conference Presentation

Back in May, the “Jailbreak Dream Team” – a bunch of talented iOS hackers, including @pod2g and @p0sixninja – assembled in Amsterdam to talk at the annual Hack In The Box conference. Now, the Dream Team’s presentation is available to view online in two YouTube videos, which hit the Web recently.

Jailbreak Dream Team Now Even Closer To Finishing iPhone 4S Jailbreak Solution

The jailbreak "dream team" currently hard at work on developing a jailbreak solution for the iPhone 4S (and iPad 2) has recently made significant progress. In a recent Twitter update, @planetbeing notes that the sandbox difficulties @pod2g had previously mentioned have now been conquered, meaning we're one step closer to seeing the release of the all-important jailbreak solution.

Our Favorite Dev Teams Discuss Untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak, iPhone 4S Unlock

Today has definitely been an interesting day for the jailbreak community. Both the Chronic Dev Team and the iPhone Dev-Team have made announcements regarding the untethered iOS 5 jailbreak and iPhone 4S unlock, and the good news is that solutions for both are in the works and will, at some point, become available.

MyGreatFest - The Chronic Dev Talks iOS 5 Jailbreak & Plans For The Future

MyGreatFest is now well underway, and two members of the Chronic Dev Team (@p0sixninja and @iOPK) are now on-stage. In this article, we're going to outline the important points made by @p0sixninja and @iOPK, and upload images from the event in real-time.

Chronic Dev Team Continues To Work On iPad 2 Jailbreak

For those curious, Chronic Dev Team is continuing to work "diligently" on jailbreaking Apple's second generation iPad, according to key team member @p0sixninja. Despite the minor announcement (which was posted to Twitter), no release date has been hinted at.

Chronic Dev Team Updates Fans: Discusses iPad 2 Jailbreak, iOS 4.3 Support & Merchandise

The Chronic Dev Team has recently updated its fans on the status of a variety of different things, in a blog post titled: "State of the Chronic." In the post, team member bile discusses the iPad 2 jailbreak efforts, greenpois0n support for iOS 4.3 and merchandise.

Attention, UK Apple Fans - MyGreatFest Jailbreak Event Involves Saurik, P0sixninja & More!

An exciting, new all-day event called "MyGreatFest" is scheduled to take place in London later this year, and will feature talks from experienced jailbreak developers - including the famous Jay Freeman ("saurik") and Joshua Hill ("p0sixninja").