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paid apps

Top 12 Apps To Buy For Your New iPad Air Or iPad mini

There are a lot of iPad apps out there that aren't free, but worth the money.

CNN Says Apple's App Store Continues To Increase Paid Lead Over Android Market

The App Store is enjoying a healthy lead over Google's Android Market.

Apple Triples Free-dealing Android's Paid App Count

The App Store's total app count may be dethroned soon, but all the money's still in iOS.

iPhone Paid Apps Top The Charts Longer Than The Free Ones

The votes have been counted and the results are in. The data, provided by Distimo for May, clearly shows the average number of days that applications across various categories stay at the top of the App Store rankings.

Review: Things

I make no bones about it — I am one busy guy. I have classes to teach, books to write, articles to turn in to my editor here; and on top of all this, I'm a dad to a beautiful 4-year old daughter. This is why you would think that something like Things, developed by Culture Code, would be the perfect application for someone like me. It certainly has earned a lot of love with so many reviews out there from MacWorld, MacLife, and Apple-related blogs. When I read up on its features and surf around the interface, I felt promised a new level of organization. But as I play around with Things, I can't shake this feeling of déjà vu. I feel like I've been in this interface before, but with one dramatic difference: I was ten dollars richer.