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Turn Ordinary Photos Into Fun Creations With These iPhone Apps

Spice up your snapshots with the help of these extraordinarily fun photo apps.

Get Your Art On With These iPad Apps

Make beautiful art using your iPad.

Unleash Your Creativity With These Apps

Want to unleash your inner artist? You might be amazed at what you can create just using your iPhone!

Artographo Combines Art And Photography - Plus, You Could Win A Copy!

Artographo is a wonderful new app for photography and art enthusiasts. Take any photo and turn it into a work of art! Paint each effect on with your finger, so you control the outcome. With a variety of cartoon, watercolor, and photo effects, you’ll have a lot of fun and perhaps create something beautiful.

Draw, Paint, Create and Share Your Masterpiece Online With Sketch Club

Sketch Club is an art app that has an interactive online network, where you share your creations with others. Sketch, draw, color, and paint your masterpiece then share it with the world!

Dominate Colors With Paint Fighter

A simple and entertaining puzzle strategy game. Attempt to dominate the board by painting cells. Hours of fun!

Slewpi Combines Motion, Color And Sound

Finger painting gets musical in this unique music app.

QuickAdvice: Doodle Buddy Premium - Draw With Your Friends

Doodle Buddy Premium is a cute, interactive doodling app. You can doodle alone or with a friend. Collaborate on a work of art, a note, or a game. You can watch as your friend’s doodles appear on your screen, just as they can see your doodles on their screen.

QuickAdvice: Kid Face Halloween Edition Face Painting App - Plus Win A Promo Code!

Kid Face Halloween Edition Face Painting App is photo face-painting app just in time for Halloween! Take a picture and then paint your face, or your kid’s face, with kid-friendly cute, funny, and spooky character faces. Get the fun of painting on a new persona without the messy face paints. This is for anyone who likes to change up their photos -- it’s not only for kids, and not just for Halloween!

Professional Artists (Not Me) Adopting The iPad

While making art on the iPhone and iPad is not news, some great examples of artists transitioning to the iPad are now coming out of the UK. Read the full story if you want to see some of this great art and not just my poor attempt at it.

Where's The White Wonder?

Steve Jobs has announced that we will see the elusive white iPhone 4 at the end of the month, but how many will be available and why did it take so long?

Make Your iPhone 4 Colorful With ColorWare

ColorWare, known for customizing numerous portable electronics, is now bringing their talents to the iPhone 4. While ColorWare can't promise to improve your reception, they can promise you an iPhone like no-one else.