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Tapbots says major Tweetbot updates for the iPad and iPhone will hopefully arrive before June

The developer also said it has removed Convertbot and Pastebot from the App Store.

Pastebot Gets Multitasking - Now Better Than Ever

The problem with copy/paste is you only have access to the last thing you cut or copied. Also, you can only access the clippings on the iDevice itself. Pastebot solves this problem by allowing endless access to cuts and copies. Once you copy or cut something, that latest clipping will be available on your Mac and/or iPhone to paste immediately. Your old data will also be saved in the app itself.

Tapbots New Listbot App Spied

Tapbots, the makers of successful apps such as Calcbot, Pastebot, Convertbot and Weightbot is apparently hard at work on a new bot app to help us manage our lives.

Workaround Gives Pastebot True Multitasking Capabilities

There is a bit of frustration surrounding Apple's implementation of multitasking in iOS. But, Pastebot apparently found a workaround. If it works, it will change quite a few things.