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patent infringement

Smartflash goes double-dipping for more damages

Fresh off its Tuesday victory against Apple, patent licensor Smartflash LLC is at it again.

Apple ordered to pay $532.9 million in patent infringement case

A federal jury has ordered Apple to pay $532.9 million in a patent infringement case.

Apple wins patent trial against Emblaze over live video streaming

Apple has just won a patent trial against the beleaguered Israel-based audio company Emblaze.

Jury Recalculates Damages In Apple-Samsung Trial, But Leaves Original Award Intact

The panel found Samsung infringed on a number of Apple patents.

Boston University Sues Apple For Patent Infringement

The suit is also asking for a sales ban on a number of Apple products, including the iPhone 5.

Samsung Did Not Willfully Infringe Apple's Patents, Says New Court Ruling

In a court ruling filed tonight in San Jose, California, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh has granted judgment that Samsung did not willfully infringe Apple's patents.

Samsung Sues Apple In South Korean Court Over Notification Center Patent Infringement

Samsung has filed a new lawsuit against Apple in a court in South Korea over iOS Notification Center.

Judge Tells Apple And Samsung To Make Peace Not War

According to the federal judge overseeing the Apple v. Samsung trial, the two companies need to try to make peace.

German Court Clears Motorola Xoom Of iPad Design Infringement

After a lengthy stay in the court system, Apple's case against Motorola falls apart.

Apple Taken To Court Over Noise Reduction Technology Patent

Apple is being sued by a California company over a noise reduction technology patent.

Judge Who Threw Out Recent Apple Suit Says Patents Are Unnecessary

Judge Richard Posner says technology patents aren't necessary to protect companies' investments.

Chinese Company Sues Apple Over Ambiguous Siri Patent Infringement

China's newest anti-Apple lawsuit says Siri infringed on a "chat bot" patent.

Apple Dropping The Ball In Samsung Patent Infringment Case

Apple's doing itself no favors in the latest round of litigation against Samsung.

European Court Bans Samsung Smartphones

It appears that Apple is as good a player in court as they are in the consumer electronics marketplace. As reported by FOSSpatents, Apple won a primary injunction against Samsung this morning in the Netherlands, banning them from selling the Galaxy smartphone in all of Europe.

German Court Hits Samsung With Preliminary Injunction

Samsung must feel the galaxy closing in with Apple's latest legal victory.

Apple & Nokia Settle Patent Disputes - Apple Now Paying Royalties

It's been a long drawn out legal battle, but Apple and Nokia have finally come to an agreement regarding patent disputes. Apparently, Apple has paid Nokia a "one-off payment," and will also continue to pay Nokia royalties for the use of the company's patents.

Apple's Motion To Intervene On Behalf Of Lodsys-Sued iOS Developers Likely To Be Granted

Lodsys' court battle just got a mite more complex as Apple files its papers to tag in.

Lodsys Pulls The Rug Out From Under Accused Developers With Accelerated Lawsuits

Lodsys is moving forward in filing lawsuits against developers accused of violating its patent license for in-app upgrades.

EFF Does 72-Hour 180, Bashes Apple In Lodsys Case

The Electronic Frontier Foundation bashes Apple a day after easing developers' minds that the company would soon be riding in to help.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation Stands Up For Lodsys'd iOS Developers

Developers worried about recent legal letters from Lodsys can breathe a little easier as the EFF comes calling.

The Patent Troll Has A Name And It Speaks

The company behind the legal threats being thrown at small iOS developers finally has a name. It is Marshall, Texas-based Lodsys, LLC, according to MacRumors. And they’ve now began to respond publicly to their letter writing campaign.