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patent news

German Court Clears Motorola Xoom Of iPad Design Infringement

After a lengthy stay in the court system, Apple's case against Motorola falls apart.

Judge Who Threw Out Recent Apple Suit Says Patents Are Unnecessary

Judge Richard Posner says technology patents aren't necessary to protect companies' investments.

Chinese Company Sues Apple Over Ambiguous Siri Patent Infringement

China's newest anti-Apple lawsuit says Siri infringed on a "chat bot" patent.

Apple Patent Outlines Plans For Real-Time Exercise Tracking, Fitness Contests

Apple's filed a new patent revolving around iOS and real-time exercise competitions.

Apple's Universal Remote Control Patent Rushes The "iTV" Rumor Mill

New Apple patents prove Cupertino's taking your living room seriously.

Apple Dropping The Ball In Samsung Patent Infringment Case

Apple's doing itself no favors in the latest round of litigation against Samsung.

German Court Hits Samsung With Preliminary Injunction

Samsung must feel the galaxy closing in with Apple's latest legal victory.

Nortel Patent Auction Makes Search Giant Cry Like Little Kid

Google lost the bid for Nortel's patent portfolio, and -- with it -- a bit of dignity, too.