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patent troll

Brandywine Communications Technologies Sues Apple Over Visual Voicemail

The trolls are at it again, this time going after iOS' voicemail implementation.

Apple's Motion To Intervene On Behalf Of Lodsys-Sued iOS Developers Likely To Be Granted

Lodsys' court battle just got a mite more complex as Apple files its papers to tag in.

Lodsys Pulls The Rug Out From Under Accused Developers With Accelerated Lawsuits

Lodsys is moving forward in filing lawsuits against developers accused of violating its patent license for in-app upgrades.

EFF Does 72-Hour 180, Bashes Apple In Lodsys Case

The Electronic Frontier Foundation bashes Apple a day after easing developers' minds that the company would soon be riding in to help.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation Stands Up For Lodsys'd iOS Developers

Developers worried about recent legal letters from Lodsys can breathe a little easier as the EFF comes calling.