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Patently Apple

Samsung Sues Apple In South Korean Court Over Notification Center Patent Infringement

Samsung has filed a new lawsuit against Apple in a court in South Korea over iOS Notification Center.

Could Latest Apple Patent Put The Kibosh On Competition?

Apple's just been granted the mother of all smartphone patents. Maybe.

FFS FTW: Newest Apple Patent Reinforces 'iTV' Rumors

If you still don't think Apple will release an actual TV, this patent might change your mind.

Apple's Latest Round Of Patents Includes: Cloud Printing, AR Mapping, Magsafe For iOS, And Sports App

Whether you ever had issues tripping on your iDevice cables, getting lost, losing track of your workout or printing things, Apple has something in the works for you.

Apple Patents Clip-Based Antenna, Stays Bright And Greasy

Patently Apple shines the light on three newly-granted Apple innovations.

Apple's Plans For Projector Integration Are Groundbreaking, Exciting, Possibly Ready To Go

Projectors could be making their way to iDevices sooner rather than later.

New Apple Patent Suggests New CAD App Is In The Works

Engineers and architects have something to look forward to in this new Apple CAD patent.

Apple Patent Suggests New iBooks Features and iDevice Geolocation Hardware

New Apple patents hint at iBooks improvements and significantly better indoor "GPS."

Apple Wins Another NFC Patent, This Time With Visions Of A More Secure World

Apple's latest granted patent has the Cupertino company thinking hard about digital safety.

Latest Apple Patent Concerns The Invisible, Should Maybe Stay That Way

Apple's newest patent could be a serious hurdle for social media addicts everywhere.

Apple Tackles A Different Set Of Privacy Concerns With Newest Published Patent

According to new documents, Apple is working on user-switchable "privacy screens."

New Apple Patent Suggests Magnetic P2P

A new Apple Patent suggests a newer, faster way to initiate device-pairing and file-sharing.

New "Smart Bezel" Patent Emerges, Forecasts Future Of iPad

It's always nice to see patents published by Apple indicating possible new features of future Apple products. On February 17, 2011, an Apple patent was published revealing a new "smart bezel" feature. What is a "smart bezel?"

Apple Patents MacBook Pad Concept!

Patently Apple has discovered a new patent granted to Apple that shows a laptop transforming into an iPad ...