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Patent reform: do we need it?

Patent reform might not be fun to think about, but it is clearly necessary to protect innovators from so-called patent trolls.

Ericsson files complaint in response to Apple's lawsuit over its LTE technology patents

Ericsson has responded to Apple’s lawsuit over its LTE patents by filing a complaint of its own.

Apple sues Ericsson over allegedly inessential LTE wireless technology patents

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Ericsson over the latter’s LTE wireless technology patents.

Apple and Samsung agree to drop all patent lawsuits outside the U.S.

Apple and Samsung have agreed to end all patent lawsuits they've filed against each other outside the U.S.

Apple is no longer seeking a permanent injunction in Samsung lawsuit

Apple recently dropped its cross-appeal of Judge Lucy Koh's final judgement in its 2012 Samsung patent trial.

Apple's Upcoming Store In Chongqing, China Will Also Feature A Glass Entryway

The design of one of Apple's Shanghai retail stores is spreading throughout China.

Forget Samsung: Jury Foreman Suggests Apple Should Sue Google, Instead

Should Apple go after Google for iOS-related patent damages?

Are Gesture-Based Unlocking Tools Coming To Apple's iOS?

Apple might have once been toying with bringing a gesture-based unlocking system to iOS.

Phil Schiller Testifies As Apple Seeks $2 Billion In Damages From Samsung

Apple and Samsung's second major patent trial saw an interesting first day.

New Apple Patent Details An ‘Attack Detection Mode’

In a number of scenarios, an iPhone could automatically call 911.

Apple Joins Google In Going After Patent Trolls

The two technology giants want stiffer penalties for those who bring frivolous lawsuits.

Shelf Control: Apple Patent Application Aims To Let Users Give The Gift Of iBooks

This week on Shelf Control, we're going to take a look at a recently published Apple patent filing that details a method whereby users can gift iBooks e-books.

Apple Files For New Trademark To Protect Its iPad Designs In China

Apple recently filed a new trademark application in a bid to further protect its iPad designs in China, reports Patently Apple.

Apple Spares Samsung Galaxy S III Mini From Patent Infringement Case

As the year draws to a close, Apple has withdrawn its patent claims against one of Samsung's allegedly infringing products.

Apple Secures Significant SIM Card Connector Patent

Apple has just been granted an important patent involving a SIM card connector invention that is not innovative so much as competitive.

Patent Applications Suggest Apple Is Creating Drawing Program To Take On Photoshop

The app is being designed to work with the mouse on Macs and touchscreen gestures for iOS devices.

Could Latest Apple Patent Put The Kibosh On Competition?

Apple's just been granted the mother of all smartphone patents. Maybe.

Apple Patent Outlines Plans For Real-Time Exercise Tracking, Fitness Contests

Apple's filed a new patent revolving around iOS and real-time exercise competitions.

Apple's Universal Remote Control Patent Rushes The "iTV" Rumor Mill

New Apple patents prove Cupertino's taking your living room seriously.

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