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path drawing

Review: Stenches - Return Of The Zombie Hordes

Among other things, Thunder Game Works included a zombie mode in Trenches, their first path-drawing strategy game. The bloody living dead are back for revenge, and there's only one British Commander that can stop them. Read on for additional info.

Felix Xiao

Review: Fare City: First Shift

Line drawing games are a growing genre on the iPhone and Fare City: First Shift is a great new addition. Though it has a few flaws, its unique play style makes it worth getting now before the developers improve the game and up to the price.

Michael Jeans

Review: Harbor Havoc 3D - Plus Video

Harbor Havoc 3D is the new path drawing vehicle traffic game in the App Store. It' created by Backflip Studios the makers of Paper Toss and Ragdoll Blaster. Now you get to play Flight control and Harbor Master at the same time, and it's in 3D. Plus+ is also included. It sounds great on paper, but what about in performance? Click through to find out.

Staff Writer

Review: Urinals - Plus We're Giving Away Copies!

Urinals is a new path drawing game. This time you're a restroom attendant, and need to guide the patrons to the stalls, sink, and out of the bathroom. Though it has a silly theme, the gameplay is executed well. Also find out how to get a copy FREE.

Staff Writer