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Evernote to discontinue popular annotation app Skitch on iOS

Evernote has decided to end the development of Skitch for iOS.

At long last, the Pebble Time is finally getting step-tracking

Pebble is taking on the Apple Watch with the launch of its own Health application.

Pebble Time adds support for iOS texts on AT&T's network

Pebble is taking on the Apple Watch through the launch of a brand new feature.

The AppAdvice tech week in review: The iPhone 6s is here, but not for everyone

Apple released the company's ninth-generation iPhones this week in stores.

Pebble looks to battle Apple Watch with its new Time Round

The circular smartwatch will be available sometime in early November and retails for $249.

Is a Pebble Phone in the works?

What does Pebble have planned for its Sept. 23 announcement?

The iPhone-compatible Pebble Time is now available at Best Buy

Target will also stock the Apple Watch alternative starting next month.

The official Pebble Time companion app arrives for iPhone users

Earlier in the week, the smartwatch company openly criticized Apple’s approval process for apps.

Waiting is the hardest part for Pebble Time iPhone users

With Apple apparently dragging its feet on approving the companion app, iPhone users are out of luck for now.

The 10 biggest technology stories this week: The unPatriot Act, Pebble's Time and the NFL's 'interesting experiment'

This week, people fell in love with Twitter’s latest app, while Pebble celebrated its Time in the spotlight. The Woz also made some news, as did Tim Cook, like he often does.

One day before its official unveiling, the next Pebble watch leaks online

The next-generation Pebble watch will be announced on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Before the Apple Watch hits the market, Pebble is expected to unveil a new model next week

The new device will reportedly feature a slimmer design and color e-paper display.

Before the Apple Watch arrives in early 2015, Pebble is looking to expand its user base

The smart watch’s companion app now supports three new languages.

Get a Pebble smart watch on Black Friday sale for as low as $79

If you'd like to own or gift a decent and affordable smart watch right now, consider getting a Pebble.

Pebble Smartwatch now lets you automatically update apps and watchfaces

Pebble has just issued an update to the official iOS companion app of its popular iOS-connected smart watch.

Pebble takes on Apple Watch with new fitness features, price reduction and more

Pebble has just made a number of significant announcement regarding its popular iOS-connected smart watches.

Pebble smart watch firmware update brings support for iOS 8, emoji and compass

With the just-released version 2.5 of its firmware, Pebble is now fully compatible with iOS 8.

Pebble unveils limited-edition colors for its smart watch

The green, pink, and blue versions of the device are available to purchase now.

Misfit app gains integration with Beddit Sleep Monitor and other improvements

Misfit has just updated its official iOS app to introduce integration with the recently unveiled Beddit Sleep Monitor.