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pebble watch

Wearable Technology Will Only Go Mainstream When Apple Launches The 'iWatch'

Apple's entry is what will drive wearable watches into the mainstream.

Cydia Tweak: PebbleActivator Enables Control Of Your iOS Device From A Pebble Watch

Perform Activator actions right from a Pebble watch with this Cydia tweak.

How To Enable System-Wide Notifications On Pebble Watch With iOS 7 Beta

Pebble watch will be able to take advantage of system-wide notifications in iOS 7.

Video: How To Set Up A Pebble Watch With iOS

If you've recently purchased a Pebble watch, you may want to check out this setup tutorial.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: It's About Time For Apple's 'iWatch'

There were fireworks this week -- and not just on the Fourth of July.

RunKeeper Update Brings Integration With The Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble users can view the pace, speed, and distance traveled during a workout directly on the smartwatch screen.

Microsoft Rumored To Join In 'Smart Watch' Race Against Apple, Samsung And Google

With Apple, Samsung and Google all reportedly in the process of creating a so-called "smart watch," a new report claims that Microsoft, too, has joined in the race.

Newly Released Pebble SDK Lets Developers Create Custom Watch Faces

A new update has just been issued to PebbleOS. Along with it comes the release of the Pebble SDK for third-party developers.

Pebble Watch Slickwraps Make Your New Device Look Even Cooler

Take a look at this new line of wraps for the Pebble Watch.

The Pebble Watch Is 'Impossible' To Fix But Should Last A Long Time

The Pebble Watch has received its first teardown.

Mossberg: Pebble Watch Shows Promise But Waiting Might Be Wise

Uncle Walt is out with one of the first reviews of the Pebble Watch.

Is Apple Set To Acquire Pebble To Create Their Own Watch?

Apple's possible iWatch could look a lot like the Pebble watch for good reason.

Pebble Watches Finally Shipping ... Well, Some Of Them

The wait is almost over! The Pebble Watch begins shipping today, Jan. 23.

CES 2013: The Pebble Watch Will Begin Shipping To Kickstarter Backers Later This Month

The Kickstarter darling Pebble watch will finally begin shipping to backers starting on Jan. 23

FCC Approves The Pebble Watch, So Where Is It?

The Pebble Watch receives FCC approval. Now what?

Pebble Watch To Arrive In Five Colors, Include SMS And iMessage Integration

Pebble Technology has announced some more details regarding their upcoming E-Paper Watch for iPhone. Unfortunately, one of those details wasn't the watch's release date.

Apple Could Soon Pull A Dick Tracy

Apple could soon introduce new functionality on the iPod nano to let it communicate with your iPhone or iPad.

Pebble Smartphone Watch Shows What iPod nano Could Have Been

The Pebble smartphone watch represents a missed opportunity for Apple on the wearable computer front.