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Personal Hotspot

Tether (iTether) Launches New HTML5 Web-App, Tether For $30/Year

Back in November, an application called "iTether" (which allowed users to share their iPhone's cellular data connection with a computer) was allowed into the App Store by mistake, and became available to purchase for $14.99. Apple removed the application almost straight away - the company offers its own official tethering software via Personal Hotspot, though this feature comes with an additional charge.

Joe White

Grab It Quick: iTether - Tether Your iPhone's Data Connection For A One Time Fee [Update: And It's Gone!]

An application called "iTether," which allows users to tether their iPhone's data connection to a computer, has made it past Apple's approval team and is now available to download in the App Store for $14.99. Before we continue, it should be noted that Apple will likely remove this application from the App Store very soon, so if you're interested in purchasing iTether (despite carriers cracking down on unauthorized tethering), download it quick before Apple pulls the app!

Joe White

Jailbreak Only: MyWi Gets An Update - Now Supports iOS 5

The popular jailbreak application "MyWi" has recently received an update, which adds iOS 5 support and performance improvements. The app, which allowed users to tether via their iPhone long before iOS 4.3 did, is currently available to purchase in the Cydia Store for $19.99.

Joe White

Verizon Announces iPhone Personal Hotspot Pricing

Along the Verizon iPhone, Apple is introducing with iOS 4.3 a new WiFi tethering mode known as personal hotspot. Quite simply, it will allow you to share your iPhone's data connection over WiFi with up to five devices as long as your carrier agrees to it. While we don't know yet whether AT&T will allow it, Verizon went forward last night and finally announced its pricing for the feature.

Alexander Vaughn