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Phil Hassey

Galcon Creator's Brick-Breaking Breakfinity Launches For iOS

Phil Hassey has launched Breakfinity on the App Store.

Breakfinity Is A Crazy Upcoming Brick-Breaker From The Developer Of Galcon

Phil Hassey has a new iOS game that's set to launch on the App Store later this month.

Take To Space As Buck The Bill Collector In Galcon Legends For iOS

Galcon Legends, a brand new Galcon game, is now available to download in the App Store.

Classic Game Galcon Set To Spawn Another iOS Sequel, Incoming Next Week

Galcon Legends is en route to the App Store, and should be available next week.

Dynamite Jack: Death Becomes Him

The deaths in Dynamite Jack were not awesome enough. They sure are now!

Will Dynamite Jack Explode Into The App Store?

What do you get if you merge Bomberman with Syndicate? Great fun, that's what!