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Stop texting photos and videos - there is a better way to share

Apple's iCloud Photo Sharing is the service you should be using when it comes to sending pictures or videos to family and friends.

In iOS 8 Beta 2, Browsing Photos In The Messages App Is A Lot Easier

Apple's iOS 8 beta 2 also makes a useful change to how images can be embedded within message threads.

Apple Vastly Improves The Photos App In iOS 8

All photos will be synced across all your iOS devices.

Apple Hopes Siri Could Get Even Smarter With Voice-Powered Photo Searching

Siri could soon tag photos and search for tagged images.

Photo Info: Detailed Image Information For Your Jailbroken iDevice

If you're an iPhotographer, this jailbreak tweak is a must have.

Jailbreak Only: Dater - Add Timestamps To Photos Taken Using Native Camera App

A new jailbreak tweak called "Dater" automatically adds timestamps to images taken using the native Camera app.

Jailbreak Only: Mail More Photos - Attach More Than Five Photos To Your Emails

A new jailbreak tweak called “Mail More Photos” allows users to attach more than five photos to an email.

SeeSee Updated: Browse Through Photos, Windows Phone 7 Style

SeeSee is a popular iOS application that gives users “revolutionary management for photos and videos.” The app, which was released in December, has a Windows 7 style interface. Furthermore, it was recently updated (version 2.0), and is now a universal application.