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Bazaart now lets you seamlessly edit your photos using Adobe apps

Bazaart has just become much better with its latest update, which most notably introduces Adobe CreativeSync integration.

Take your iPhone photography to new levels with MaxCurve

This app brings almost unparalleled photo editing controls to your iPhone.

Adobe announces Document Cloud

Adobe's Document Cloud has just been announced, with a variety of improvements to Adobe's mobile software.

Adobe updates Photoshop Sketch and Illustrator Line for iPad with autosave and more

Adobe has just updated its Photoshop Sketch drawing app and Illustrator Line drafting app with new features and enhancements.

Adobe Photoshop Mix gets first major update featuring new tools and Dropbox support

Adobe has just released the first major update to Adobe Photoshop Mix.

Adobe Updates Photoshop Express For iOS: Adds iOS 7 Design, New Features

Adobe has sent out a useful update for its Adobe Photoshop Express iOS application.

Now You Can Have The Power Of Photoshop Right On Your iPhone

Adobe has released Photoshop Touch for the iPhone, but is it as good as you think it would be? Let's find out!

Let The Creativity Begin: Adobe Launches Photoshop Touch For iPhone

Adobe's popular Photoshop Touch app is now available on the iPhone/iPod touch.

AppAdvice Daily: More iPad 3 Rumors, Photoshop, And Win A Free Download

New iPad rumors, more editing power on your iPad 2, and the chance to win a free download for PicPlayPost - all on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Adobe Photoshop Express Gets An Update: Adds Support For iPad 2

Adobe Photoshop Express (free) has recently received an updated, adding support for the iPad 2's camera.

Adobe's Photoshop iPad Apps Get A Little Cheaper

Adobe's three Photoshop iPad apps - Eazel, Color Lava and Nav - have recently received a price reduction, and now each application can be downloaded for $3 or less.

Create Publication Apps Without Coding

A publication tool that eliminates the need for coding knowledge. Simply create pages in Photoshop or InDesign and then upload them to the online portion. Test apps with your iDevice and then publish,

A Photoshop Remote For iOS Is Coming Soon (Video)

Hours after Adobe’s announcement it will allow developers to create iOS apps that interact with its Photoshop application, we’ve got our first demonstration. Blogger Shawn Welch is working on a Photoshop Remote app, which displays all of the Photoshop CS 5.5 installations on a local network.

Adobe Embraces The iPad With Photoshop Touch SDK - Will Launch Three New Apps This May

Following some rumors about a full version of Photoshop for the iPad, Adobe is now officially embracing the iDevice with an amazing new piece of software. It's designed to allow your iPad and their creative suite to work together.

Adobe Photoshop Express Is Now Friendlier To Newer iDevices, But A Bit Less Friendly To Old

Adobe Systems released Adobe Photoshop Express v1.5 earlier today, which now supports the Retina display, offers full background multitasking, and has become even more streamlined. Unfortunately for some, Adobe's feature additions don't come entirely free. Anyone looking to use the latest Photoshop Express will also need the latest iOS.

Beyond Flash: Adobe Systems Flirting With Apple With Photoshop Integration

It looks like Adobe Systems is about to join the iPad revolution. The company recently demoed some functionality that would allow its Photoshop users to interact with Apple’s device. Read more...

From the Diary of an App Developer: Photoshop to the SDK

Your designer should now have a completed set of screenshots created in Photoshop, and your programmer should be filled with crazy skills that they are just dying to unleash. Well, good news - it is now time to let these skills loose by converting all of those pretty static images into a working application! Let's get started.

From the Diary of an App Developer: Digitizing Your Notes

Now that we have a ton of features for our application, it is time to narrow then down and get them onto a computer so we can utilize them from a programming and design standpoint.