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Microsoft's Photosynth Panorama Creation App Finally Goes Social On iOS

Photosynth, Microsoft's popular panorama creation app, has finally gone social.

Can’t Use Apple’s Panoramic Feature On Your iPhone? Try Out These Alternatives

Here are four panoramic apps for iPhone worth considering. Two of these are actually better than what Apple has to offer with iOS 6.

Apple Working On Panoramic Photo Capabilities In iOS 5

Apple’s iOS Camera app could soon include panoramic photo-taking capabilities, according to Seth Weintraub at 9 To 5 Mac who recently uncovered some new code stating as such in iOS 5. If correct, this could present a potential problem with app developers who already provide this service.

AppAdvice Daily: App Updates, Hot Accessories And A Chance To Win

Photosynth just relased an update and now gives users the chance to win a free XBox on a weekly basis. Pioneer is about to release a car unit made for the iPhone that should work with apps. Plus we have the chance for you guys to win a free year subscription to a great note taking app.

Microsoft's Photosynth App Updated, Includes Chance To Win XBox With Kinect

Photosynth, Microsoft’s iOS panorama creation app, recently received a significant update that also includes an XBox promotion. First released in April, the free app for the iPhone/iPod touch allows users to take different photos and then ‘stitch’ them together to form a panoramic photo.

The Best iPhone Apps Of The Week

Some (unangry) birds, Pac-Man, and THE wedding highlighted the week that was in the world of iPhone apps. But, which one was the best of the week?