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Here Are 5 Great Games To Download On Your iPad Right Now

Grab your iPad and have a blast playing these awesome games.

Play With Your Favorite Food In Drop That Candy

This puzzle game lets you play with what is probably your favorite food — candy!

Can You Seek Out The Elusive Boson X In This Rotational Runner?

Boson X brings particle physics to Apple's iOS (in a fun way!).

Boson X Is Set To Offer A Mind-Bending Rotational Runner For iOS

Boson X is set to launch iDevice users off in search of an elusive subatomic particle.

Incredipede Looks To Be An Impressive Physics-Based Game For iOS

Can you help Quozzle the Incredipede cross the difficult terrain of her environment?

Help A Young Scientist Jump Through Space In Little Galaxy

Little Galaxy is a physics-based endless jumping game that you're sure to enjoy.

Exploding Bombcats Save The Day

Explode these cuddly kitties in order to save their friends in this physics-based game.

Can You Zip Through Space And Find Your Way Back Home?

It's time to test your space hopping skills as you help Zip get back home in this beautiful new indie game.

Get A Hole-In-One With Super Stickman Golf 2

The wait is over — Super Stickman Golf 2 is here! Is it worth the download? Read on and find out!

Dojo Danger Pits The Ninjas Against An Invading Horde Of Zombies

Are you Team Ninja or Team Zombie? Choose your side and fight for the dojo!

Use Gravity To Your Advantage To Solve The Puzzles In Smagnetron

Can't get enough physics-based puzzlers? Smagnetron is another fine one to add to your collection.

Let The Water Flow Through Briquid

This physics-based game is like Where's My Water's pixilated grandpa.

Ski, Jump, And Crash Your Way To Victory In Krashlander

It's time to get revenge on evil robots by flinging yourself at them, using the power of physics, in Krashlander.

Top Three New Games Of The Week

Blast it up with a new 3D physics puzzler, stress your brain with some six-sided madness and finally get willd in your blood with Gameloft's latest title. We have the best games of the week on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Be A Hero And Stop The Shark Mafia In Fish Heroes

This game takes the best aspects of catapult-style gaming, and blends them with a fishy theme.

Save The World With Mike & Milkbox

One of the more difficult platformers out there, this game takes 2-D platforming to a new level.

Help The Sheep Escape The Toy Box In Sheep Up!

Bounce this sheep out of the cardboard toy box and into freedom.

Blast Off Into Fun With Angry Birds Space

Our feathery friends are flung into orbit to retrieve their stolen eggs from the green pigs.

It's A Long Way Down For Poor Bitter Sam

Coming soon to the iPhone and iPod touch, Bitter Sam is a game with a rather sad backstory.

Create Melodies Using A Physics Generator With Physynth

A multi-track soundscaping, performance, and songwriting tool. It uses a physics generator and physical objects to create music.

RopeBot Swings Its Way Into The App Store

Do you like Cut the Rope? If so, you might like RopeBot. It is reminiscent of the popular rope cutting game, but stands on its own as a unique and enjoyable experience.

Bike Baron Crashes Into The App Store With Style

Trials HD fans rejoice! The iOS game you've been waiting for is here!

Vent Your Frustration Through Vandalism In Crasher

An arcade game allowing you to throw everyday objects through windows.

Charge Your Ship And Blast Off Into The Stars To Get Home In Torniko

Torniko is an ingenious physics based puzzle game. The objective is to collect all the stars on each level by flying into them in the required number of tries.