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physics-based puzzle

Perchang is a Challenging Puzzler with Gizmos and Charm

Perchang is a new contraption-based physics puzzle game that should be in your iOS game collection.

Help Greg the Chameleon reach the popcorn in Pull My Tongue

Get ready for crazy tongue-physics in this cute and charming new puzzle game.

Become a Leaf on the Wind in this beautiful physics-based puzzle game

Take a break after this hectic week with this relaxing yet stimulating puzzle game.

Slip And Slide Your Way Through The Challenging Puzzles In Feed Me Oil 2

The sequel to the popular Feed Me Oil has slid into the App Store, and it's quite a delight.

Save The Lums From The Darkness And The Lurking Vampires

Put your maneuvering skills to the test as you help the Lums defeat the dark vampires that have invaded their world.

Slip And Slide Your Way Through The Tricky Puzzles Of Puddle

Kick back and relax this weekend with the soothing physics of Puddle.

Shelter The Fruits From Acid Rain In Cover Orange 2

Couldn't get enough of Cover Orange? Now there's a sequel to sate your appetite.

Can You Save These Monsters Before They Meltdown?

These monsters are in danger in the lab, and it's up to Yuri to save them! Are you up to the task of saving them with lightning fast reflexes and puzzle solving in Monster Meltdown?

Get A Hole-In-One With Super Stickman Golf 2

The wait is over — Super Stickman Golf 2 is here! Is it worth the download? Read on and find out!

Rescue These Seedlings Before They Turn To Space Dust In Grow Dammit!

Fans of physics-based puzzlers will love to have Grow Dammit! in their iPad game collection.

Use Gravity To Your Advantage To Solve The Puzzles In Smagnetron

Can't get enough physics-based puzzlers? Smagnetron is another fine one to add to your collection.

Use Physics And Make Your Way To The Black Hole In Supermassive

Supermassive takes the basic concepts of science and implements them into a game to make it fun and challenging.