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physics game

Cut The Rope 2: Om Nom Is Back In A Brand New Adventure For Candy

Om Nom is craving the sweets and needs your help once again.

Quirky App Of The Day: The World Spins Round And Round In Naught 2

Help Naught to defeat the evil monsters while he tries to regain his memories.

Coco Loco: Finally Swim In That Chocolate Pool You Had Always Dreamt Of

Saving marshmallows from angry cocoa beans has never been this much fun. It's actually unheard of.

Trade In Your Birds For Some Medieval Weaponry In Troll Blaster

Troll Blaster takes aim at the physics-based launching game genre.

Manipulate Your Game World In The Physics Puzzle, Cado - Plus, A Chance To Win A Copy!

Cado is a physics puzzle game in which you can manipulate and turn the game world while steering a ball to safety.

Gravity Lab! Is The Best Physics Puzzler Since Angry Birds

Gravity Lab! is the best thing to happen to physics puzzling on the iPhone since Angry Birds.

Dream Track Nation Offers 2D Racing On iDevices

A new side-scrolling racer has hit the App Store with a "patchwork quilt" art style. The game is called Dream Track Nation and has already hit the New Zeland store as a universal app.

Challenging Physics And Platform Racing Come Together In FishMoto

There is nothing more depressing than watching a fish flop around helplessly on dry ground. Your job is to ensure the safety of your bicycle-riding fish friend in this challenging physics racer game.

Plunderland Update Adds A New Campaign

Destroy villages and plunder their loot while taking on enemy ships and bosses as a pirate in Plunderland. The game recently got a nice update with an extra campaign to play through.

QuickAdvice: "Floop" Your Way Through An Adorable World Of Physics

Floop pushes its way into an App Store that is already filled with plenty of physics-based pick-up-and-play games. Is Floop worth your dollar? Read on to find out.

QuickAdvice: Doodle Juggle For iPad

Whether you are a talented juggler looking to conquer another medium, or you are simply looking for another way to show off your iPad's unique capabilities for cheap, Doodle Juggle should deliver.