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physics puzzle game

Cut the Rope: Magic will take Om Nom into a fun, new world

Say happy birthday to Om Nom and get ready for a fun, new game in the series.

Don’t let the moving block stop your worm, slide him Inch By Inch

Keep your inchworm from falling off the blocks in this new physics puzzle game.

Cubes Vs. Spheres Mixes Physics-Based Puzzle Gaming With Tower Defense

If you enjoy physics games, puzzlers, or tower defense titles check out Cubes vs. Spheres. The universal app just received a minor update and offers innovative gameplay, a great art style with colorful visuals, and an intensive combo system. Your goal is to stop incoming waves of cubes from reaching your base by flinging spheres at them.

Yammi The Octopus Is Hungry! Will You Feed Him Cookies?

Save Yammi is a clever physics puzzler that blends tilt motion and touchscreen controls with cute characters, innovative level design, and high definition graphics for a fun and engaging gameplay experience.